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Recent Posts by Kristin Gassaway

    Annabelle BOM Month 8

    Hi Friends! This month is easy peasy, especially after all the work we did on this quilt last month! All we have to do is sew on a simple border, and then make ourselves some flying geese. I may have mentioned this before, but whenever I’m sewing borders I always give myself some wiggle room and cut the borders longer than ...

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    Annabelle BOM Month 7

    Hi friends! I’m not gonna lie – this month is A LOT. At least, it felt that way to me. We are making an additional 18 blocks, and then sewing those blocks together with the ones from last month, and then attaching all of it to the center portion. Phew! But we CAN DO IT. So let’s begin with those 18 ...

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    Annabelle BOM Month 6

    Hello again friends and Happy New Year! I couldn’t be more excited for 2021. It goes without saying that we’ve all been through a lot this past year, so here’s hoping for a year of healing and happiness ahead! And what better way to start the new year, than with quilting! This month we will be sewing up some sawtooth ...

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    Annabelle BOM Month 5

    Well friends, we are now officially past the half-way mark with this quilt. Yay! This month will be a lighter month as far as sewing goes, but since we are full swing into the holiday season, hopefully it will be a welcome reprieve for everyone. Don’t get me wrong, sewing is my happy place, but at this time of year ...

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    Seasons BOM Month 6

    The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. After months of sewing blocks, we get to put this quilt all together and finish! I know many of you jumped right in after finishing last month’s blocks and have already assembled the main portion of the quilt. Once you have the quilt blocks all laid out, it’s not too ...

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    Seasons BOM Month 5

    Can you guys believe we are already on month 5? We are on the home stretch! This month we will be making the last three blocks for this quilt, so that next month we can finally put this beauty together and finish! Yay! Hearts and Pinwheels

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    Annabelle BOM Month 4

    If this month feels like Déjà vu, you aren’t going crazy. The blocks we are sewing this month are exactly the same as last month, only with different fabrics. So I won’t bore you by giving you another tutorial about how I sewed the block together. You can’ refer to last month’s blog post for help on that ...

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    Seasons BOM Month 4

    Hi there friends! Can you believe we are already on month 4? Time flies when you are having fun! This month we will be making FOUR blocks (which I guess is fitting since we are on our fourth month of this BOM). Our first block is a cute little Snowman trying to catch a Snowflake. First we are going to ...

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    Annabelle BOM Month 3

    Hi there everyone! As I’ve probably mentioned before, I LOVE LOVE LOVE  Star blocks! Which I guess is why this quilt has a lot of them in it. They are my design weakness! For this month we will be making eight of these little cuties. They are each 10-1/2” square, and will give you lots of practice with flying geese.  (I ...

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    Seasons BOM Month #3

    It’s hard to believe that we are going to be half way done with this quilt after sewing this month! Didn’t we all just start this project? I hope you are all having fun so far, because quilting should be fun! I have enjoyed seeing what all of your are doing with your previous quilt blocks on Facebook. Some of you are changing things up, adding embroidery, and other embellishments and I love it!

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