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Connecting Threads Podcast Episode 20 – The Importance of Thread Featuring Diane Henry!

Today’s episode of the Connecting Threads Podcast is all about thread. Lately we’ve been thinking about the importance of thread in all sewing, but especially in quilting. Thread is much like the laces in a shoe. While absolutely vital, they’re often taken for granted until troubles arise.With the untold hours spent carefully selecting fabrics, servicing the machine, and choosing buttons ...

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Essential Thread || Connecting Threads
Podcast Episode 6: A Passion for Quilting

Welcome to episode 6 here on the Connecting Threads podcast! First up, Kris and our fantastic educator, Barb Tatera, discuss the ins-and-outs of thread selection. Our quilts are only as good as the materials we use, and choosing the right thread for both piecing and quilting is step one to a project that will last for years ...

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A Guide to Thread

For our tutorial this month, Teri is back to explain how to choose the best thread for your project. I've included the full article below, or you can bookmark it on our tutorial page. We love hearing your feedback on these articles. What kind of thread do you use the most?  -Melissa

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