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Seasons BOM Month 5

Can you guys believe we are already on month 5? We are on the home stretch! This month we will be making the last three blocks for this quilt, so that next month we can finally put this beauty together and finish! Yay! Hearts and Pinwheels

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Embroidery Hoop

Featured Tool: Embroidery Hoop by Clover, Item #82034, 82035  What is this tool typically used for? Keeping your fabric taut while you embroider. There is both a small (4-3/4″) and large (7″) size. Upon first glance, what were your initial thoughts? It has a very sturdy appearance; it’s made of thick plastic with a bulky, metal screw. How did you use ...

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Vintage Quilt Mending, Part 1

I swear I’m only 5’2″ The sewists and quilters in my family have always been practical women: The mentality of “Make things you can use or wear, or don’t make them at all!” is pretty close to the mantra they all held and hold…one I also carry with ...

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