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Our Favorite Embroidery Supplies

Fall is here, temperatures are dropping and fireplaces are finally being lit after a long summer. One of our favorite fall activities is to cozy up and enjoy the season of Embroidery! To help you get started with embroidery – whether you’re new to the craft or ...

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Creating Color Palettes with Swatch This

Swatch This by Haruyoshi Nagumo is one of the most coveted books by the Connecting Threads staff; it’s colorful, beautiful, bright and full of possibility. However, you might be looking at it and wondering, “How do I actually use this book?” Color can be intimidating, I get it! Faced with ...

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Chevron Techniques

Chevrons seem to be everywhere in quilting, home d├ęcor, and clothing. They have a modern, graphic appeal with a sense of movement and vibrancy. Since my work revolves around quilting patterns and designing, I have come across several ways to construct chevrons. While there is often more than one way to do a design or technique in quilting, it is a bit unusual to find so many methods to accomplish the same design element. Please keep in mind, I am ...

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