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If you look around the Connecting Threads site or in our catalog, you'll see my work smattered around. I'm our Project Coordinator and along with writing the copy for our kits, tools, and books; I am also the photo stylist for our catalog and samplers. So, even though it's hard work, I basically get to touch quilts, ogle our fabrics, and write about them all quite regularly! I love working here! :-) I also love embroidery, designing embroidery, mixing old with new, brights with greyscale, and just about anything involving black & white stripes.

Recent Posts by Dawn

    Redwork and Stitching: Kinderfolk

    I’ll admit—I’ve been waiting for the Kinderfolk collection to come out as long as I’ve known about it. So, when it came time to volunteer to sew projects, I knew I had to take on at least one. It was definitely a no-brainer when Jenni’s amazing set of embroidery patterns she designed to go with Kinderfolk ...

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    Gifty Galore 2015 – Project 16

    When the options for Gifty Galore projects were floating around the office, I was hoping for something really useful. Then! Bam! This nice little free pattern for cord keepers from Tricia at Leafy Treetop fit the bill perfectly. Functional, versatile, and pretty easy on the eyes? Sold.

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    Behind The Scenes: November 2015 Connecting Threads Catalog

    It’s always a little odd shooting for a colder season when we are still enjoying the throes of a long summer. Shooting for our November catalog was no exception! More often than not, the Portland area stays summery and warm all through September and even now in October. With a perfectly sunny day in the mid-80s going, we cracked our knuckles ...

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    Behind The Scenes: September 2015 Connecting Threads Catalog

    The wide variety of fabric collections definitely continues with the spread we have in store for everyone in the September catalog. I feel like we got pretty lucky with our locations for this catalog—they are both so tastefully decorated, complete with beautiful natural lighting, and paired SO well with the different styles of the projects. The

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    Behind the Scenes: The July 2015 Connecting Threads Catalog

    Another catalog, another round of fun and contrasting collections! With two brand new exclusive collections, new Quilter’s Candy novelties, AND new outside collections; we are SO excited for the July catalog to go live tomorrow! This time, just as the weather has been warming up here in the Pacific Northwest, we had to switch our gears to colder weather and certain ...

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    Quilt Block Coaster Tutorial Using Island Hopping

    While I was working through the Holiday Table Runner and our new Island Hopping fabrics, I quickly realized my mom was going to need accessories to go with her new table runner. Seeing as this is more of a summery fabric line and I had some random small ...

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    Summer Sewing: Island Hopping Table Runner

    I’m not going to lie, I was a little intimidated when deciding whether or not to sew this table runner in our new Island Hopping collection! Considering my sewing experience lies squarely within the realm of clothing and alterations, ...

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    Behind the Scenes: The May 2015 Connecting Threads Catalog

    Sometimes, when you are working with such different fabric collections, separate locations are necessary to accommodate! After some careful considerations, we decided on two lovely locations– both on Portland’s east side. We arrived to our first location on an unusually foggy March ...

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    Behind the Scenes: The April 2015 Connecting Threads Catalog

    I wear a lot of hats here at CT. One of them is styling the finished versions of our kits we offer to help make the lovely photos you see in the Connecting Threads catalogs. Along with our photographer John and assistant Alexis, we shoot both in the studio and on location. Every location we shoot at always has its ...

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    Sewing for Keeps

    I don’t like resolutions. They feel like shouting into the wind because they often are, at least for me. I do love goals, however. I love lists and I definitely love plotting out future actions. I’m the type of person who actually likes filling out forms, I almost can’t ...

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