If you look around the Connecting Threads site or in our catalog, you'll see my work smattered around. I'm our Project Coordinator and along with writing the copy for our kits, tools, and books; I am also the photo stylist for our catalog and samplers. So, even though it's hard work, I basically get to touch quilts, ogle our fabrics, and write about them all quite regularly! I love working here! :-) I also love embroidery, designing embroidery, mixing old with new, brights with greyscale, and just about anything involving black & white stripes.

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    Vintage Quilt Mending, Part 1

    I swear I’m only 5’2″ The sewists and quilters in my family have always been practical women: The mentality of “Make things you can use or wear, or don’t make them at all!” is pretty close to the mantra they all held and hold…one I also carry with ...

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