Aurora BOM – Month 7

NOTE: these blog posts for the Aurora quilt top are part of a limited series for our Block of the Month subscription program. Sign-ups for the Aurora BOM are no longer available. You can learn more about our upcoming Block of the Month subscriptions here.

Hello friends!

 We’re back again with another set of Star blocks – this time in Admiral Blue. You all know the drill by now. Is it just me, or does it feel like we’ve been making these star blocks for forever? After these are done, we have one last set to make next month.

When sewing this quilt, I felt like I got a LOT of good practice making my square-in-a-square blocks, which were consistently tricky for me in years past. I like to pin an sew these two at a time.

It can be so easy to have those triangle corners come up short, but once I learned to sew just outside of my marked lines, they’ve come out so much better!

Not the prettiest picture below, but you can see more of how I’ve stitched just outside those lines.

And of course, more flying geese are in order too. I like to make mine using either the stitch and flip as outlined in this pattern or the no-waste method, as I’ve mentioned before. Feel free to refer back to my blog posts for months 5 and 6 if you need a refresher.

There are lots of methods to make flying geese. It’s Sew Emma now has foundation paper packs for making all kinds of fun things, including flying geese. If you want to give it a try, for either this month, or next, Connecting Threads has the exact size we use for the quilt. It is item #21958 – 2” x 4” Flying Geese Quilt block Foundation Paper. One pack will make 84 units total, which is plenty for finishing the quilt.

They also have the 4” square in a square unit, which I’ve purchased to try out for the remainder of the border diamonds. I’m all for using anything that will make things quicker and easier. I’ll let you all know how it goes! The 4” Square-in-a Square foundation papers are item #21960 on the Connecting Threads website, in case any of you are interested.

Okay, let’s get these blocks finished up. Once we’ve made all our units, we just have to trim them up to size, and put them together.

And of course, I ALWAYS lay everything out first…

Our stacks of star blocks are definitely growing! Next month we’ll make the last set, and sew them all together, so get ready!

Until next time, Happy Quilting! – Kristin