Double-Sided Multi-Craft Carrier

Featured Tool: Double-Sided Multi-Craft Carrier by Creative Options, Item #82068
What is this typically used for?
This is a carrier for quilting and craft supplies.

What was your first impression of the Double-Sided Multi-Craft Carrier?

What a great way to store our Essential Threads!

How did you use it?
Storing my assortment of Essential Threads spools.

How long did it …

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Thimble Pad

Featured Tool: Thimble Pad by Colonial Needle, Item # 80561
What is the Thimble Pad typically used for?
This is a thimble for people who hate wearing thimbles.

Why did you decide to give the Thimble Pad a try?
I normally can’t use thimbles. I have never been able to find one that is comfortable and usable. I can get by …

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Fons & Porter Mechanical Fabric Pencil

Featured Tool: Mechanical Fabric Pencil by Fons & Porter, Item # 81861Mechanical Fabric Pencil
What is the Mechanical Fabric Pencil typically used for?
This pencil allows you to make washable and erasable marks on dark fabric. I used it to mark my seam allowance and keep a steady line while hand-sewing.

What was your first impression?
“It’s a mechanical pencil–how is this supposed to leave any mark on fabric?”
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Translucent Vellum Paper

Featured Tool: Simple Foundations Translucent Vellum Paper by C&T, Item # 20712
What is Simple Foundations Translucent Vellum Paper typically used for?
This vellum paper is extremely handy for paper piecing. Can be used with any photocopier, inkjet or laser printer or trace patterns without a light-box – the design shows through the paper

What was your first impression?
I liked …

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Clover Mini Iron

Featured Tool: Mini Iron by Clover, Item # 81912
Clover Mini Iron
What is the Mini Iron typically used for?
It’s handy for applique and crafting; I use it for freezer paper appliqué and pressing small pieces.

What was your first impression?
I feared it wouldn’t work. It’s just so small I didn’t think it would get hot enough.

What was your …

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