Podcast Episode 2: Eversewn Sewing Machines!

One of the core tools in a quilter’s craft room is the sewing machine. It takes center stage (as it should) and every new machine is the result of careful thought and much pondering before you replace or add one to your collection. After all, you’ll be spending hours sewing with it, creating everything from new napkin sets to elaborate heirloom gifts!

Connecting Threads - Eversewn Sparrow Sewing Machine

In our second podcast episode, Daniel and Kamber weigh the merits of our new Eversewn machines. You’ll hear from an adventurous beginner as well as a seasoned sewist as they talk features. Daniel even discovers the joys of the buttonfoot!

In our second segment, I sit down with our photography studio manager, Amy to talk about how our lovely photography is made. The gorgeous images in every catalog come from our in-house photography team and graphic designers. Every catalog is a new challenge and adventure!

  • Segment One starts at :54
  • Segment Two starts at 18:17

Useful links from our episode:

Eversewn Sparrow 25

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  1. Sewingerist - March 4, 2020

    Nice review, I now decided which sewing machine to get to start my small business