Chaco Liners

Featured Tool: Chaco Liners by Clover

What is this tool typically used for?

This tool helps trace lines perfectly to mark fabric prior to sewing or quilting.

What were your initial thoughts?

Well, I’ve known and used these for years now, but at first glance I thought they were just short and fat markers.

How did you use it?

First, I aligned my ruler onto my finished quilt top. I then ran the Chaco Liner down the side of the ruler to mark a straight line in preparation for quilting. You can also mark organic lines too (without a ruler).

How did using it go?

Wonderful! I love using these markers because they are chalk-based and it easily rubs off.

How long did it take you to learn how to use it?


What did you like best?

I love that it comes in three colors: yellow, blue, and white. No matter what color of fabric I’m working with, I can find a liner that shows up well. The chalk comes out easily and plus they are easy to hold.

What did you like the least?

There’s nothing negative to note about these liners!

Could you see another potential use for Chaco Liners?

You could use it for apparel marking and general sewing.

Why do you NEED it?

If you want a simple, easy-marking tool in a variety of colors, these Chaco Liner Pens are awesome. They are our go-to marking tool by our staff sewists.

Who would appreciate Chaco Liners most?

These are perfect for:

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Expert quilters
  • Anyone looking to acquire the basics


  1. Ann - March 7, 2017

    My brother had me get him a yellow one to mark 2×4’s when putting up a new barn!

  2. Marlene Clausen - March 8, 2017

    Years and years ago! Barbara Chainey (quilt designer, teacher, author, and fabric designer for Rose & Hubble) brought the original Chaco marker with her to the states. She taught a class on how to quilt your quilt based on her book and demonstrated everything with Chaco. I was hooked. Have been using them ever since and is definitely one of the most important quilting tools I have . . . right up there with the rotary cutter.

  3. Doris - July 10, 2017

    I have the blue one, but mine seems to stick, like there is a pebble in the cog somewhere. I have taken it apart and cleaned it a couple of times but I can’t seem to make it run smoothly. One time, while trying to free the wheel, I ran it across my cutting mat repeatedly, hoping to work it out, and it left tracks in my mat
    Any suggestions? I reach for it often when I want to mark but it frustrates me that the wheel won’t roll.

    • Cathy - August 20, 2017

      Can you return it to the store? Seems like a manufacturing defect. I’ve used these for years, have 3 different ones and never had that problem.

  4. Linda - April 2, 2018

    I used the yellow Chaco liner on a flannel quilt (white fabric) and it did not brush off or wash out completely even with stain removers and 5 washes. Has anyone else experienced this or have advice for future use of this colour?