Wonder Clips

Featured Tool: Wonder Clips by Clover

What are these typically used for?
These tools can be used in place of pins to hold several layers of fabric together.

What was your first impression of Wonder Clips?
I was skeptical at first about how useful they’d actually be.

What was your experience with them like?
The first time I used them was for …

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Designer Interview: Jody Houghton

For Jody Houghton, the intention behind design is always the same: to bring joy and possibly even a little giggle to the quilters supporting her work.  Her motto has always been “Creating a Life, while Creating a Living”, and, after being in the gift business for 25 years, she expanded her interest in crafts to include quilting. Even after designing for 34 years, she is still creating whimsical and heartfelt patterns, labels, and greeting cards that her followers can gift …

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Chevron Techniques

Chevrons seem to be everywhere in quilting, home décor, and clothing. They have a modern, graphic appeal with a sense of movement and vibrancy. Since my work revolves around quilting patterns and designing, I have come across several ways to construct chevrons. While there is often more than one way to do a design or technique in quilting, it is a bit unusual to find so many methods to accomplish the same design element. Please keep in mind, I am …

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