Wonder Under

Featured Tool: Wonder Under by Pellon Consumer Products, Item #21206 

What is this tool typically used for?

Wonder Under is ideal for applique–it allows fabric to maintain its soft feel after fusing. It is also machine stitchable, fuses easily in seconds, and bonds to fabric or any porous surface.

How did you use it?

Since it is so light weight, it is really easy to trace your applique shapes. You need to remember to trace the mirror image of the pieces especially when applique letters. Because it comes on a roll, you can applique large pieces with only one sheet, which you can do when you are using the pre-cut sheets. Sometimes the paper can be hard to peel off especially on small pieces. I find scoring the back of the paper with my scissors really can help.

How long did it take you to learn how to use it?

The fusible part is super easy to use, but if you are having a hard time peeling off the paper, make sure you let it cool first.

What did you like best?

It is light weight so when you are sewing through it for finishing the edges or quilting it is easy and doesn’t gum up your needle. Also it is nice if using several different layers of applique.

What did you like the least?

Sometimes the paper is a little difficult to peel off, but for me the quality and light weight of the fusible is really worth a little difficulty.

Could you see another potential use for Wonder Under?

It can be used any where you would need a double sided fusible, including some crafts.

Who would appreciate Wonder Under most?

These are perfect for:

  • Intermediate and expert quilters
  • Someone acquiring the basics


  1. Stephanie - January 17, 2017

    Use it all the time as I make a lot of wool and flannel applique projects.

  2. Becky Schultz - January 18, 2017

    I enjoy this product also. If anyone has problems peeling the paper off – take a straight pin and lightly score in the center of the piece and peel from that point. I rarely try to peel from the edge. Hope this helps…someone 😀

    • Hayley - January 18, 2017

      Great tip, Becky! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Debbie - February 10, 2017

    I have used this before and it does not leave the applique stiff. Love it. We are doing
    quilts in our Guild that we are doing blocks for different chickens so some of our members can make their own quilt.

  4. Brenda K. Sage - October 16, 2022

    Would this work to give a reversible badana for pets stiffer without being too stiff?