English Paper Piecing Mania!

If you were wondering if it’s hard to get work done here at Connecting Threads because we’re always talking about our own personal sewing projects, the answer is YES! And from time to time, a bunch of us catch the same bug – it’s the best kind of infectious. Right now, that bug is English paper piecing. Hannah, our Multimedia Director is patient zero, and not long after, Susie, our Marketing Director, and I caught full-blown cases of HEXIE FEVER.

I’m working with Color Wheel Solids fabrics for my project, making bright, cheery, traditional hexagon flowers. I have absolutely no idea what this project will end up being, but I am currently loving nothing more than coming home from work, laying on the couch, and watching Buffy reruns as I make my hexie flower garden grow.

Here are a few of the tools I’m finding most useful for my project.

These templates from Paper Pieces. I’m using the 3/4″ hexies, and truly, they make getting my shapes ready to sew together such a breeze.

EssentialPRO thread in Grey . It’s poly so it glides smoothly through fabric, and it’s 70 weight so it melts right into my seams. I love the grey because it blends well with any and all colors, light or dark.

Clover Black Gold Needles. They really are the best. So sharp, so glide-y.

Sew Great Supplies 4″ Micro-tip Scissors. Ultimately portable at 4″, these little fellas have an extra sharp tip that’s great for trimming threads right down to the knot, and for cutting out mistakes. Not that I ever make mistakes…

I also cut all seven layers of fabric to shape at once using our 9″ Classic Fabric Scissors. No rotary cutter for me, this is a project I can complete entirely on my couch.

Have you caught English paper piecing fever too? What are some of your favorite projects and tools?


  1. Karen - July 24, 2018

    Sew relaxing
    I am loving any size hexi as long as it can travel with me. 😉

  2. Carolyn - July 24, 2018

    Yes oh yes, I have the same problem.. I want to be home permanently.. and do nothing but quilt and work on my “flower garden” as well. I got carried away with making the hexie’s till I have more than enough to make several quilts… So I am going to make them all … and then sort them into several quilts… But seriously … I wish there was a way that I could sit and sew all day… and make quilts for people or children or even the critical care in the hospital….I want to sell them.. but if I see someone that is in need… I will give… There is a church that I am a member… and if I can ever get to a point where I can… they have 200 or so foster children they take care of… I am going to make a quilt for each…I may pass on over to the other side before I finish… but it is what I truly want to do..but I know financially I will never get there…cause I am a singe person with no retirement… and already reached the retirement age.. and trying to work … and I know my time is getting limited… But as long as God gives me a breathe to breath…I am going to do my best to get to that point…
    Oh sorry took up everyone’s time… I just love quilting and can’t seem to get there much…
    Thank you,

  3. FBS - July 24, 2018

    I prefer to glue baste instead of using thread. The glue pen you guys sell works well, just keep it in the fridge so it stays cool.