Introducing: Hayley!

As the newest addition to the Connecting Threads team, I am tasked with introducing myself to you. So, first things first: Hello! I’m Hayley, the new marketing coordinator for Connecting Threads.
My role is a mix of traffic control and helping us communicate with you. I’ll be the one ensuring our plans get set into motion and go smoothly. You can also …

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March Itty Bitty Quilt

MarchIBQ 10
Whether you are working from the March downloadable pattern or the Itty Bitty Quilts book, the construction of the March Itty Bitty is loads of fun and one of the easiest of the bunch. I particularly enjoy the needlework. Here’s a rundown of the tools I used in the building of this quilt…

Itty Bitty Quilt book
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Book Review: Modern Vintage Gifts

Modern Vintage Books by Helen Philipps is filled with 27 projects exploring different techniques including patchwork, quilting, paper piecing, applique, color play, embroidery, and embellishment.
Quilters will all agree that the amount of time and love that goes into handmade gifts can range greatly. Personally, I prefer smaller projects that can be done within 5-8 hours because of my busy schedule–and …

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Designing Wildflowers and Honey


Wildflowers and Honey Collection by Country Essentials for Connecting Threads.Wildflowers and Honey Collection by Country Essentials for Connecting Threads.

Have you ever wondered about reproduction fabric? What makes it a “reproduction” fabric? What are the copyright laws on reproducing fabric? How does one reproduce a vintage fabric?
Reproduction fabric collections are BIG in the world of quilting. …

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Designing Pen & Inked Fabric Collection
Pen & Inked Fabric Collection by Winthur Sempliner for Connecting ThreadsPen & Inked Fabric Collection by Winthur Sempliner for Connecting Threads

This is a very exciting collection debut for me. Pen & Inked is the first collection that I have designed for Connecting Threads that is made exclusively from my own hand drawings.

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January Itty Bitty Quilt

Glamor Shot
The January Itty Bitty Quilt is a grand beginning to our new Quilt Along, Itty Bitty Quilts. You all probably know how I am with my quilt designs, encouraging quilt builders to “do their own thing.” I encourage myself to do that with my own quilts! So, the original set of Itty Bitty Quilts that are found in the Itty Bitty Quilts book were made with flat fabric from the Read more »