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Recent Posts by Connecting Threads

    Hot Off The Press: July 2014 Catalog!

    We have been pretty excited for the release of our July 2014 catalog, and not just because that means Summer is almost here! Three new fabric collections and a slew of new kits to go with each has kept all of us here at Connecting Threads quite busy! On the cover, the ever-popular Zip-Zip Bag is back and kitted ...

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    Happy Sewing Machine Day!

    How delightful to have a whole day dedicated to sewing machines! Some of the CT crew got in on the fun, scroll on to see their machines “in the wild”. Judy’s Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0, Lilo. She has a ...

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    20 Years: Looking Back and Thinking Forward

    In honor of our 20 year anniversary, we recently sat down with Matt Petkun, Connecting Threads’ president and CEO.   When you were watching your parents form Connecting Threads, did you expect you would be running it 20 years later? (If not, what were your plans back then and what convinced you to change them?) 20 years ago I was just beginning college, and I certainly had ...

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    Staff Picks: Marking Tools

    We continue our new series showcasing staff favorites, today we focus on marking tools.   Tools are of course useful, but not just any doodad will do the job. In the world of quilting and sewing, we are blessed with so much more variety than our foremothers had access to. As much as we would love to completely eyeball and freehand our stitching, most of us need the assistance of a good marking tool to ensure we produce the design we ...

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    Staff Picks: Seam Rippers

    Today, we introduce a new series showcasing staff favorites, each post will focus on a different type of item.   Tools are of course useful, but not just any doodad will do the job. In the world of quilting and sewing, we are blessed with so much more variety than our foremothers had access to. While many a quilting project can edge on perfection, there are often mistakes along the way. Seam rippers are definitely a treasured tool when these mishaps occur.   Our ...

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    I’m Back!

    As many of our wonderful blog followers know, I have been out on maternity leave for a couple of months – and what a couple of months it has been! I want to start out by saying how lucky I feel to have such awesome coworkers here at CT. During my time away, my colleagues took on so many of my duties and truly let me focus my energy on my new job: taking care of ...

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    Tool Sale Favorites!

    If you aren't already aware, we have a tool sale going on right now that has a pretty great selection. Select tools are 25–40% off! You can check out what's available here: TOOL SALE.

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    Fabulous Customer Creations

    Connecting Threads customers are the best! We say it all the time and it's true. They take our products and create the most amazing projects. It makes us feel so good to see the keepsakes that are created from our fabrics and threads. The creativity out there just blows us away! Our staff comes up with some pretty awesome ideas, there is a lot of talent around here. Then our customers take it to a whole new level. On a weekly basis we receive emails and Facebook posts with pictures of the things you, our customers, have done. Here is just a sampling of what we have seen lately.

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    A quilter’s poem

    Connecting Threads has the BEST customers! That's a fact. Every week we receive wonderful emails and letters from our amazing customers. They share their love of quilting and the things they have made using our products. One of our favorite things is knowing that we are a part of your memories. We know that they items we produce are transformed in the hands of our customers. The possibilities are endless. We also know that many of our customers use quilting as a social outlet. They are part of groups and clubs that come together to quilt, building lasting friendships. One of our customers, Toni Leiboff, sent us the following poem about her Quail Ridge Quilters group in Southeast Arizona.

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    Happy New Year!

    It's a new year and I love that! There is something about January 1st that fills me with optimism. I have my 2014 day planner and it is a blank slate. I look through it and I see possibility, I see options. On those empty pages I see days that are just waiting to be planned and lived. I enjoy looking back at my day planner for last year and seeing all the things I had on the schedule. I remember sitting with my 2013 calendar when it was a blank slate and all the plans I was making. As I review my year, some of those plans came to fruition and some went out the window! What excites me the most are all the things that will happen this year that I don't have on the schedule.

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