Podcast Episode 7: Quilts as Gifts

Welcome to episode 7 here on the Connecting Threads podcast! Join us as we wrestle with the all-important topic of gift sewing. Not only is it a timely topic (hello, November!), it’s also at the heart of our beloved craft.

Quilts, since time immemorial, have been made with love to be gifted to those closes to us. Every stitch represents thought, care and well wishes to the recipient and forms a physical representation of all the love in our hearts.

Karen, our catalog director, joins Hannah in the studio to talk about her favorite tips and tricks for gifting quilts. From fabric selection to pattern choice, every step adds up to the perfect present for everyone on your list. (Starts at :52)

Next, Judy shares her favorite projects for quick gifts, just in time for the 2018 holiday season! (Starts at 15:20)

Happy quilting!

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