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    Happy Boxing Day!

    Having spent a good portion of my childhood in northern British Columbia, and having celebrated many Boxing Days with my Canadian friends and family, today is one that is very special to me. Every year on Boxing Day, I remember back when I was a young child, gathered around with our closest friends and family and playing games, telling stories, and generally just enjoying the company of those I love most. While we don’t travel to Canada much these days, ...

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    Merry Christmas!

    We’ve spent so much time preparing and the day is finally here! At Connecting Threads, the holidays are full of traditions. Our offices are decorated with stockings and Christmas trees. There is no shortage of candy and homemade goodies. Of course, everyone has a special gift they are creating for their love ones. We had our staff holiday party last week with Christmas music, yummy food and fun raffles. We took some time ...

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    The newest member of the CT family is almost here!

    Hi everyone, Alisha here! If you haven't heard the big news, I'm about to welcome my first little baby into the world. My due date is January 6th, but the way I'm waddling around, I'm not sure it's going to take that long! As many of you know, it is hard work to prepare for a new child. Between decorating a nursery, picking a name, and the seemingly endless amount of time you spend at the doctor's office, it's amazing if you can find a few minutes to yourself! I suppose it's good preparation for when the kiddo finally arrives. I think my favorite part of the whole process has been decorating the nursery. Though, I have to say, it is much harder than I expected. Little known fact: I suffer from something called chromatophobia. Depending on who you ask, it's really not as bad as it sounds, but it definitely adds a whole new layer of complication into the process of designing a room. Basically, what it breaks down to mean is that I get a lot of anxiety from bright colors and a lot of contrast. When you consider that babies love bright colors and lots of contrast, you can see how this task might have been fairly daunting to me. When I first started my planning, I thought I would go with a very neutral palette. In my mind, my dream nursery would look something like this...

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    Behind the Scenes of our Christmas Video

    As if it's not fun enough working at a company surrounded by such crafty and talented people, sometimes our work could even be deemed as play which is pretty awesome! It all started when one of our interns, CJ, conjured up the idea behind this year's Christmasvideo. This year Crafts Americana Group participated in an internship program with a local high school. A few days a week we get a helping hand from several students. It's been so great getting to know them a little more and working with them these past few months. When CJ was asked to brainstorm some ideas for this year's video, he went straight to work and came up with this gem.

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    Happy Birthday Teri!

    Birthdays are a big deal around here and it just so happens that today is Teri's! Teri is the Director at Connecting Threads. She has worked here for 18 years and I am convinced she started when she was in diapers. Teri has so much enthusiasm and energy! It is obvious that she loves her job and the people she works with. Another thing that is obvious, even to a newcomer, Teri LOVES snowmen! Last week, I sat in her office for the first time. The life sized snowman behind her desk distracted me from the army of little snowmen situated along the windowsill. That day it was cold and snowy outside, the perfect backdrop to an office full of Frostys!

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    The Results are in for the Win Your Wish List Contest

    Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s Win Your Wish List Contest. We’ve selected three participants at random to be our winners. Congratulations to Patti Cardona, Sheila Wood and Denna Rentz! These three lucky winners will each receive a $50 gift card to Connecting Threads. It’s so fun to see what’s on everyone’s Wish Lists this year.  The winners had a great variety of products that they were wishing for, from kits to books to

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    Special Cyber Monday Promotions Have Arrived!

    You may be exhausted from a weekend of shopping or you may just be getting started this Cyber Monday. Either way, you are going to LOVE the special promotions you will find on Connecting Threads today. Our Essential Thread is ALL 40% off.  That’s right – save 40% on all spools, sets, polyester cones, and cotton cones. Stock up on what you will need for your current projects and for those ...

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    Black Friday Deals are Here!

    You’ve been waiting all year and now it’s here….Black Friday!!!  Time to shop and more importantly, time to save.  The best part about shopping with Connecting Threads is that you don’t need to leave home.  No standing in line or fighting the crowds.  It’s all right here at your fingertips.  Stock up on gifts for the quilter or sewer in your life, find items for gift exchanges, hostess gifts and even find ...

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    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving

    The Holiday Season is upon us!  It seems to start earlier every year, doesn’t it?  It’s easy to get carried away in the hustle and bustle, glossing over this very special day. Here at Connecting Threads, we want to take some time to really appreciate the meaning of Thanksgiving. Growing up, my family always gathered on Thanksgiving.  We would sit around the table, sharing a wonderful meal, talking about the things for which we were thankful.  My Grammie would ...

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    The Win Your Wish List Contest is Back!

    The team here at CT have been making our Christmas wish lists for a couple of months now. If you're anything like us, you've probably got more than a few items on your list for Santa this year. As quilters, we can always use more fabric, new thread colors, and handy books, but maybe this is the year we ask for some new and exciting tools, furniture and gadgets, too! The great thing about the Connecting Threads Wish List is that you don't have to keep all of your most desired items a secret. Our site's Wish List allows you to share those items with your friends and loved ones so easily! Worried about being too abrupt? Don't! Sharing your wish list with them will make Christmas shopping MUCH easier. They'll appreciate it, really!

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