Monthly Archives: November 2022

Open Skies BOM – Month 9

Hi friends! We are finally at the end of our Open Skies Block of the Month. Can you believe it?! Now that all our blocks and sashing our finished, it’s time to assemble and finish this quilt once and for all. I think some of you may have already started doing this last month, and I love it! You’ll just be one step ahead of the rest of us. We’ll start by sewing the rows together first. There is a diagram ...

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Bountiful BOM – Month 2

Hello Friends! I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s first blocks on the Facebook group. If you haven’t joined yet, it’s not too late! This month we’ll be making just one block, five times over. We’ll begin by making a square in a square center for the block. These can sometimes be tricky, ...

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Bountiful Block of the Month – Month 1

Hello friends, and welcome to my latest Block of the Month! I’m so happy to have you all join me over the next 9 months as we sew up this fun fall quilt. I’ll be writing these blog posts each month to offer you some extra tips and visuals to correspond with each installment. Connecting Threads was kind enough to send me all the fabric ahead of time, so here’s a little photo of all the fabrics we will be using ...

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