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My main responsibility is designing new quilt patterns for the fabric collections Connecting Threads develops. How exciting this is, as I enjoy exercising my creative bent, which is almost exclusively devoted to quilting. I have been a quilter for thirty years, and during that time chose to frame my booming interest with a number of classes in design. Another creative outlet I find extremely relaxing during my private time is painting fine art in acrylics.

Recent Posts by Mari

    Teapot Cozy

    Project 22, Tea Cozy, is our last project from Fast, Fun, and More Gifty. Found on page 52, it’s perfect for a 16-24 ounce tea pot. This cozy will do the job keeping your tea warm while leisurely sipping a cup or two. It’s such a simple sew! Stitch strips together, quilt, cut out the shape, and bind. This cozy is made ...

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    Knotty Travel Tissue

    This is always a great idea for stocking stuffers, guild gifts, quilt group gifts, or any occasion gift.. a travel tissue holder! This is a double treat because it's mega quick to make (it took me 15 minutes!), and this is an early reveal of our new collection, Spring Terrace!

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    Striped Pillow

    Today, Project 18 is our Stripped Pillowcase for a more formal use than just travel. Found on page 30 of our Fast, Fun, and More Gifty book, there are instructions for constructing the little pillowcase two different ways. It was designed so you can use up any leftover 2-1/2″ strips that might be in your stash or scrap bag.

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    Snowie Pincushion

    The Snowie Pincushion, Project 17 from Fast, Fun, and More Gifty, can be found on page 42. For all those lovers and collectors of pincushions, this little guy can be counted among them with his sweet, beckoning eyes and whimsical face. It might be difficult to put pins in him! LOL, love this fella! He was made with

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    Catching Hearts Bell Pull

     Project 14 in Fast, Fun, and More Gifty is the Catching Hearts Bell Pull. This is my very first bell pull and I love it. Years ago, I was a member of The Embroider’s Guild of America and was quite intrigued with the embroidered bell pulls. It was the first time I’d heard of ...

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    Techi Book Cover

    Project 10 from the book, Fast, Fun, and More Gifty is our Techi Book Cover found on page 18. It is shown with a Mini IPad (not included). Love this cover to protect the front and back of the pad! What I love about it is that you can tailor it to the personality of the pad owner! What a ...

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    Patriotic Little Bars

    Project 8 from Fast, Fun, and More Gifty (46386) features the Patriotic Little Bars quilt that is SO fun, and SO easy to make for a quickie gift at the last minute. Of course you can make this from any fabric that inspires you, but our Patriotic Minis collection is sure cute! The only fabric that requires a ...

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    Hot and Cold Cup Wrap

    Here we are in Week 7 of the Gifty Galore blog series, featuring the Hot-Cold Cup Wrap from our book, Fast, Fun, and More Gifty. Who doesn’t need a cup jacket?! Wahoo! Keep that coffee warm or keep your hand dry with an iced drink! I love, love, love MaryJo’s newest collection, Spooks & Spells! ...

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    Spiced Harvest Table Topper

    Welcome to Week 2 and project 2, Spiced Harvest Table Topper! The collection for this little gem is Spiced Potpourri will be available tomorrow. When this was designed I wanted something that was quick to make, an easy construct, and was large enough that it would be eye-catching and could be seen if an object was placed on it. As you can see from the illustration below the pieces demonstrate how the ...

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    Weekly Curated Sale ~ Appliqué & Embroidery Tools

    We LOVE appliqué and embroidery here at Connecting Threads! There’s nothing better than sitting on the sofa at night with a good movie, needle and thread. For this sale, we’ve picked some things that work well for appliqué projects and embroidery. Both are so popular right now– especially embroidery! I so enjoy the challenge of choosing the right thread color and thread that will blend well and sink into the fibers of the textile, like you would sink into a warm, soft ...

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