Snowman Pincushions!

Here’s our last free pincushion! A Snowman! How cute is this? The two right pincushions were made by Sue and she made the hat on the far right-unstuffed with the top partially sewn so she can put her thimble in it! Very clever Sue! There are three faces in the pattern so you can put multiple faces on one snowman. Also, you can stitch, draw or paint those cute faces. The pattern has one template for the head and it’s very simple and quick! Teri made the snowman with the scarf and ribbon on the hat. Experiment and be creative with your snowman. Make him your own! The snowman pattern recommends Morse Code-Black and/or Curlicue-Coal for the hat and Tiny Snowflakes-Ice or Tiny Argyle-Snow for the head.