Monthly Archives: March 2023

Aurora BOM – Month 1

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to have you all join me for our Aurora Block of the Month quilt. This quilt will be sent to you in NINE installments, so to go along with that, I’ll be posting a little blogpost with some tips and tricks to help you as you sew each section. Here is what we’ll be working on this month:

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Bountiful BOM – Month 5

Hello friends! It’s finally time to begin making our leaf blocks. We have a lot of them in this quilt, and we’ll be taking them one color at a time over the next few months. This month we are all green! This month is a bit unique because our green leaf blocks come in two sizes. Each size is made using the same steps and techniques, and I’ll show you how it’s done. Most of the instructional photos I’ll be showing you ...

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