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Behind the scenes of a catalog photoshoot part 2

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Take a look! The kits sewn up in Friendship Patchwork by Jody Houghton were really fun to shoot. We found a location in Portland off of the popular site, airbnb. For this shoot, we wanted to have some nice options with lots of room to style a variety of projects from bags to a large Bordered Art Panel.
We shot the Color Me Crayons quilt over the large craftsman porch, but we needed to fill in a little more light. Here you …


Vintage Quilt Repair, Part 1

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The sewists and quilters in my family have always been practical women: The mentality of “Make things you can use or wear, or don’t make them at all!” is pretty close to the mantra they all held and hold…one I also carry with me.
I swear I'm only 5'2"I swear I’m only 5’2″
This quilt my great grandma made was and still is no exception to that mentality! It’s actually unclear when exactly she …


20 Years: Looking Back and Thinking Forward

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In honor of our 20 year anniversary, we recently sat down with Matt Petkun, Connecting Threads’ president and CEO.
When you were watching your parents form Connecting Threads, did you expect you would be running it 20 years later? (If not, what were your plans back then and what convinced you to change them?)
20 years ago I was just beginning college, and I certainly had no intentions of working with my parents at …


20 years – REALLY?!

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In some ways it’s hard to believe that Connecting Threads is already having its 20 year celebration and in others it seems like it’s been around much longer. If I think back oh-so many years ago when I first started in 1995, I remember that CT was still just in the infancy stage and I was learning about quilting products by answering the phones and taking orders for them.
Shortly after, I started picking the products and seeing all the …


Chalk it to Me!

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What is the use of even the most fabulous sewing table if it’s not ready to actually be used?
I had been looking for many long months to find just the right combination of vintage, good price, and specific design in my future sewing table. Finally, this past December, the PERFECT table for me manifested itself on the craigslist free section. It’s mid-century modern, solidly built, opens width-wise instead of length-wise, and it was FREE! The woman who was re-homing it …


Staff Picks: Seam Rippers

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Today, we introduce a new series showcasing staff favorites, each post will focus on a different type of item.
Tools are of course useful, but not just any doodad will do the job. In the world of quilting and sewing, we are blessed with so much more variety than our foremothers had access to. While many a quilting project can edge on perfection, there are often mistakes along the way. Seam rippers are definitely a treasured tool when these mishaps occur.
Our …