Dritz Needle Storage Tubes

Featured Tool: Needle Storage Tubes by Dritz, Item #82338


What is this typically used for?

This tool is used to store and dispense all of your needles.

What was your first impression of the needle storage tubes?

How cool! It looks helpful in keeping me organized, and definitely clever!

What was your experience with them like?

I currently have my needles in wooden tubes right now and all the sizes are mixed up between two wooden tubes. I can’t see them either. With these tubes, I’m going to be able to re-organize all my needles! Wahoo! I can’t wait because I have needles for appliquéing cotton and needles for wool appliqué and ones English paper piecing, not to mention all the regular needles in my collection.

How long did it take you to learn how to use it?

No time at all–I figured it out immediately.

What did you like best?

I like that the needles don’t all come out at once and are contained by the magnet. For me, tools must fill a measurable need for me to buy them and this one definitely does!

What did you like least?

It takes some skill to manage the little needles. I threw the tube with the same force I use for the larger sizes and all the little needles flew out of the tube and all over my desk!

Why do you NEED it?

I do a lot of handwork, and I do mean a LOT! It is so frustrating to go through my wooden tubes trying to find the perfect needle. I also don’t know what sizes I have because once I’ve removed the needles from the original packaging, there is no way to tell. These tubes come with labels! Now I know what to buy next.

Who would appreciate these the most?

These are perfect for:

  • Beginner, intermediate, and expert quilters
  • Embroiderers, paper piecers, or anyone using hand or machine needles
  • Anyone acquiring the essential quilting tools



  1. Linda Christianson - May 25, 2016

    My needles have come with a container, so I would not purchase this case. I have collected a few old containers for needles. The needle and it use is more important. I do like one brand over another after doing lots of hand sewing. Some bend quicker and become dull. I did read that hand sewing art was becoming a lost art. Hand sewing is also the oldest art, yet it is no longer part of normal school.

    • FS - May 25, 2016

      Linda, I don’t know about hand sewing not being taught in school anymore, it was when I went to school (but it’s been a while!). But I think hand sewing is finding new fans, especially where EPP (English Paper Piecing) is concerned. Some very fine books have recently been published, many on hexagon patterns and other EPP stuff. I’m a big fan! While I don’t hand piece or hand quilt, I do enjoy hexagons and other paper pieced shapes that would be too complicated to do by machine. And the lovely Cathedral Window pattern and its variations is my absolute favorite!!

  2. FS - May 25, 2016

    I think there should be more than 3 tubes in a set. After all, anybody who hand sews will have a lot of different needle sizes! I’ve gone through all kinds of brands and types of needles, so 3 little cases wouldn’t do me much good.
    I also notice the cases are the same size, but needles aren’t. 😉 The reviewer notes that the tubes work not so well with small needles, but big needles (for big stitch, doll making, beading) won’t fit in these cases.
    Do these tubes work for machine needles? Are the labels preprinted or can they be customized?
    I think I will stick with my tried and true method – keeping the needle in the package it came it! 😉