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Recent Posts by Karen

    Make a Splash with Batik Paradise

    As a batik enthusiast, I was so excited when I saw our new collection Batik Paradise. This is such a fun collection! The prints are bright and tropical; the rich colors and saturated tones definitely catch the eye. Working with this collection makes me want to head to the beach. Batik Paradise has a distinct island vibe–which is a welcome change during these dark ...

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    Weekly Curated Sale: Everyday Quilter

    The sewing center at Connecting Threads is constantly quilting, piecing, and sewing to make the beautiful projects you see in our website and catalog. With all that time spent quilting, we definitely have a list of go-to tools that we use on a very regular basis. Our go-to tools save us time and ensure a great end result. For this sale, we’ve selected some of the best items to share with you! QUILTING For quilters, good stencils can be a lifesaver. They ...

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    Plethora of Pillows – Dresden Fan Pillow

    For the Plethora of Pillows I chose a pattern from a book I reviewed, The Quilt Block Book by Nancy Wick. I chose to combine the Tulip appliqué pattern and the Dresden Flower Fan pattern.  These two patterns were shown as a quilt layout in the book.  I used a corner section of nine blocks for my pillow.  Page 172 shows this layout.  For my fabric ...

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    Wrap it Up! One week sale!

    For just one week, our Wrap it Up! fabric collection is on sale – save 40% on all fabrics, kits and samplers from this collection!    Now through Tuesday, 10/19 – limited to stock on hand.  Hurry, before it’s gone!

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    Techniques 2010 – Learn to make yo-yo’s!

    Oh, the humble yo-yo.  Have you always loved it, but never made it?  It’s time to take the plunge.  We’ll show you two methods – the most traditional way, plus a quick and easy method using a nifty tool.  Check out this week’s tutorial here.

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    Speaking of new kits from books….

    I loved the idea of kits from books, so I volunteered to sew one of the first kits.  I needed a pretty twin quilt for my spare bedroom (aka, the fabric overflow room).  I LOVE how it turned out!                      

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    Welcome to our new Staff Blog!

    We’ve given ourselves a facelift!  Now, in addition to our Quilt With Us quilting community, we have a new and improved Connecting Threads Staff Blog, called Notions.  Now you can see what we’re up to at any time, and all in one spot.  If you use an RSS feeder, you’ll be able to follow us with ease.  You don’t have to join anything, and if you want to make a commment on our blog posts, you just enter your ...

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    Brand new thread – Introducing EssentialPro!

    I’m so excited to tell you about our newest product, Essential Pro! We interviewed long arm quilters about their favorite threads and used their feedback to develop our own. As usual, the price is unbelievable, as is the quality! <

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    Another tutorial and some kitty outtakes

    I’ve just posted two tutorials for Log Cabin month. One is for beginners on how to assemble your quilt top. The other is Log Cabin blocks with a twist and includes a tutorial from a guest blogger, QuiltDad. Since I didn’t have any photos to share with you, and this post looked a little bland, I thought I’d share a few kitty outtakes from my tutorial. Tucker is the white and black kitten, aka The Brat, and Marty is ...

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