Monthly Archives: June 2022

Ruby BOM – Month 11

Well, we did it! We’ve made it to our last four blocks of this quilt. Hooray! Before we get to the other blocks, Let’s talk about block #18. Some of you probably don’t know, but all my quilts are designed first on ...

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Ruby BOM – Month 10

Congratulations! This month we will be making the last of our Irish Chain blocks. Wahoo! This means we will have made a whopping 25 of these blocks – enough to make a quilt in their own right. We can probably make these with one hand tied behind our backs ...

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Open Skies BOM – Month 3

Hi everyone! Before we begin with the month 3 blocks, let’s chat about a couple of things. A few of you have asked questions about the scant ¼” seam allowance I suggest in the patterns, and it seems (no pun intended!) to be throwing some of you off. ...

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