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How to Make a Toddler Dress in Just One Afternoon
Good Natured Tunic Dress

Isn’t Laraine’s granddaughter June the cutest model?

When this pattern for the Playdate Top was floating around the office to sew up, I knew I had to try it.

Dawn_GoodNaturedFabric2 Dawn_GoodNaturedFabric1

Though at first it seems the main print, Woodland Animals,  appears directional, it’s actually not! Those animals are just going nuts falling through space… which made it even easier to cut and piece together.


Powered by episodes of The Tudors and copious tea, I got everything cut out relatively quickly.


Putting the pockets on this dress was a cinch, I really like the peek-a-boo contrast. The pattern calls for only a few top stitches along the bottom of each flap to hold them in place, but I recommend top stitching the whole flap for each. Fiddly kid hands will eventually pull them apart if the flaps are left open.


This dress turned out to be SO adorable and I opted out of the optional decorative ribbons you can put on either sleeve. Ugh, speaking of sleeves, you can see they are definitely not perfect, one is a smidgen tighter with elastic than the other and the hems on the sleeves aren’t perfect. I tend to make my day clothing quick & dirty, so be it!


All done. Now to give it to the lucky lady I sewed it for…

Uma the Cat

Sometimes she looks so kitten-like, even at 10.5 years old.

Uma the Cat

I don’t know WHY they wouldn’t let me use my cat, Uma, to model this dress for the catalog, it’s a perfect fit and she does the stereotypical model scowl perfectly.

Uma the Cat

She scowls like this even when she’s not mad at me. <3

Just kidding! It was for my little friend Juno. She’s turning 2 soon and is quite awesome. 🙂

The great thing about this top (besides how incredibly easy it is to sew) is how versatile it can be and as the little one grows, it can become a shirt with leggings.

Happy sewing!