Meet Patrice!

Ever wonder who’s behind those gorgeous exclusive fabrics you see on our site? Meet Patrice, our senior textile designer here at Connecting Threads. Patrice says she’s always been fascinated by repeating patterns and colorful designs. When she was a kid, she loved tagging along to the fabric store to help her mom pick out fabrics.

*Fun fact: I traveled to Quilt Market with Patrice in 2017 and can attest that she’s a true pattern nerd, in the best way ever! From the airport carpet to the hotel wallpaper, Patrice had thoughtful insight on ALL the patterns we came across!

In her spare time, Patrice loves to work on handmade projects of all kinds, but you won’t find her using patterns very often! She has a special knack for figuring out how to recreate things from photographs, and likes to make up the pattern as she goes along. She’s a talented lady and we’re so lucky to have her on our team!