How To Make and Send Quilted Valentines
Quilted Valentines (or postcards) are so easy to make! 

Use your scraps or a block pattern you’ve always wanted to try and let’s send something handmade to our loved ones. 

What you will need: 
~5″x7″ finished pieced block to trim down to 4″x6″
~5″x7″ batting 
~5″x7″ backing fabric to trim down to 4″x6″ 
Quilting thread
Quilting ruler 
Rotary cutter
Cardstock or Bolt Boards 
Sewing machine or hand sewing needles

Step one: 
Create your pieced mini quilt. Pick a block you’ve always wanted to try, use scraps and foundation piece to finish around 4×6″.

We made a couple using Cluck Cluck Sew’s heart Pattern, as well as foundation piecing on scrap batting. We used Connecting Threads fabric from, Quartz Metallic TonalsChambray TonalsGeneral Store Volume 2, and our Color Wheel Solids. This is a perfect project to use pre-cuts as well, we used a 10″ Square precut for the ombre stripes. 

Step Two: 
Sandwich your batting between the block and backing fabric.  Spray baste to keep everything in place during quilting, or hand baste if you feel it needs it.

Step Three: 
Trim the block down to size. 4×6″ Is the standard postcard size but if you plan to hand-deliver it there is no limit! 


Step Four:
Time to attach your fabric to the cardstock or Bolt Boards. You want to make sure the card stock is sturdy enough to hold up during shipping, admiring, and reading! We spray-basted the paper to the back of the quilt and made sure all was lined up and fitting properly. Then, all you do is zig-zag stitch around the border. That’s it! It’s amazing how easy it is to attach and MAKE a homemade valentine! 
Step 5: 
Write your valentine note!
Step 6: 
Time to mail or hand deliver your postcard!
Postcards can be mailed as long as they are regulation size (4″ x 6″), no more than 1/8″ thick, and have the word ‘NON-MACHINABLE’ on it. Postage is currently $0.88 (as of January 2022). Or, speak with your mail person and make sure your postcard is in regulation. You could also put your card in an envelope and mail that as you normally would to prevent any damage during mailing. 

Let us know in the comments if you’re making a valentine this year!


  1. Shasta - January 26, 2022

    I enjoy making postcards. I even got some stamps that say Postcard on them to make them official.

  2. Vivian - February 5, 2022

    Thanks. I have always wanted to make my own postcards. Now I will try it.

  3. Joy Ruplinger - February 5, 2022

    What a lovely way to say, “I love you.”

  4. Teri VanWell - February 5, 2022

    This will be lovely for any occasion! Thanks for this tutorial.

  5. Jude - February 5, 2022

    You could also put the cardstock in behind the backing and write on the backing. I used muslin on mine and the stamps stick beautifully.

  6. Linda Lienhad - February 5, 2022

    I always wanted to try one of these. It looks like it could be quick to make. Such fun, if you add embellishments too.

  7. Phyllis Marcus - February 5, 2022

    I’ve been sending them for years using card stock, fabric and Heat and Bond. Goes thru the US mail easily!

  8. Martha - February 5, 2022

    These cute ideas do not fly at my post office. Anything that one would like to mail that has any suggestion of thickness to it cannot go with letter postage: it requires handling as a parcel, with the accompanying much higher mailing rates. Whomever put forth the idea that postage was 88 cents obviously hasn’t been here! Putting it in an envelope won’t work either. And Linda, embellishments? Are you crazy?

    • Laura - February 6, 2022

      So Martha, how much is it to mail???

    • Colleen - February 6, 2022

      Martha, that seemed kind of harsh. I send Papyrus cards all the time and they definitely have embellishments AND thickness. The manufacturer usually includes a piece of cardstock to place over the surface of the card front to protect it from puncturing the envelope . They fit in an envelope just fine. I use two first class stamps and they always are received successfully! I have not tried a postcard, but the USPS is very nice about answering all questions. So, go forth and create!

    • Melody - February 8, 2022

      As a retired USPS employee the 88 cents covers the non- machine able charge. They go in a separate tray at the PO and are hand cancelled and sorted. I’ve been mailing them for years. If your PO doesn’t do this, they are the problem. Talk to the Postmaster of your office or talk to their supervisor.

    • Barb Kirk - March 1, 2022

      Where are you. I put mine in an envelope Bd they go 1st class. Linda is not crazy

  9. Eileen - February 6, 2022

    First Class mail in the US is still $0.58. I’ve made fabric postcards for several years and have mailed them successfully. The clerk at the post office has told me they can even go with a postcard stamp, but I like the different versions of the “Love” stamps and usually use them. I also bring them in and get them hand-stamped. (Someone told me they charge extra for that but mine never has.)

  10. Mary - February 7, 2022

    What a clever idea for our granddaughters this year! I could make one in each girl’s favorite colors. Thanks so much for the easy-to-follow directions!

  11. Bev Kenny - February 9, 2022

    I just made two postcards – they were fun and cute. Took them to the post office to get postcard stamps but the lady said they had to go as parcels. It cost me $8.67 for the two! I guess it all depends on what post office you go to. Hope my friends REALLY like them!!!