Connecting Threads Podcast Episode 14 – Block of the Month

On this episode of the Connecting Threads Podcast, Kate is taking a break from talking about her quilt to learn more about Block of the Month. Kate checks in with Kris and learns more about what even is a “Block of the Month” and learns more about quilting subscriptions. Later we hear from the designer of the Connecting Threads July Block of the Month, Kristin Gassaway, interviewed by Judy Reed.  

Annabelle is a 9-month Block of the Month that begins shipping in August 2020. Each month Connecting Threads will ship you everything you need to make a portion of the quilt. Subscribers will have access to a special Facebook Group where they can connect with other Block of the Month Quilters and share their progress along the way. Block of the Month is not only a subscription service but it is a club and it’s a community. There are many benefits of doing a Block of the Month and Kris and Kate discuss some of them.  

Next we on Meet the Connecting Threads Team, we meet Elise, Connecting Threads Buyer

Judy and Kristin Gassaway are old friends who connect to talk about Kristin’s work. She has been designing quilt patterns for 13 years and she now has over 200 patterns under her belt and hers are some of the most popular Connecting Threads have carried. Kristin discusses her somewhat reluctant journey into sewing and quilting as well as how she became a designer. Kristin wanted this quilt, the Annabelle quilt, to have a cheerful, vintage farmhouse vibe. It has all of the things she loves: star blocks, floral, and gingham prints, and checked border. 

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Mentioned in this episode: 
Annabelle Block of the Month
Annie’s Apron Fabric Collection
Kristin Gassaway’s Connecting Threads designs
Other Quilting Kits

0:00 The introduction with Kate
0:49 Kate and Kris check in about what they’re up to this summer
1:39 Kate asks “What even is a Block of the Month?”
4:59 Kris talks about what’s fun about a Block of the Month
10:00 Meet the Connecting Threads Team! Meet Elise, Connecting Threads Buyer
12:08 Kate’s call – we’d love to hear from you! Send us your quilting questions
12:37 Judy interviews Kristin Gassaway about how she started sewing and quilting
19:10 Kristin talks about Annabelle Block of the Month
23:15 The credits