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My job here at Connecting Threads is to test patterns for accuracy while sewing the projects for our catalog. When the fabrics arrive everyone comes to see and feel (you know us quilters we can't just look) then my work begins. I usually spend 1-2 days cutting fabric, gathering needed supplies and then the sewing begins. I know, you're saying "what a dream job!" I think so too. I like to design my own quilts, love anything pastel, and I especially love appliqué which seems to bring a quilt to life.

Recent Posts by Deborah

    New! The Arabella Collection

    Now introducing:  Arabella! This fabric collection was designed by Debbie Beaves for Maywood Studio. It showcases the sweet-scented violet and lush purples and greens. This spring-flowering beauty is sure to be an inspiration for a fresh new project.   Kits, Projects, and More The Labyrinth Table ...

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    Sweet and Simple

    My choice for the Plethora of Pillows is a very simple pillow. I needed something I could sew up quickly and be done with it! No pattern was used here, I just made up my own. I decided on making two, one for each of my mini schnauzers for their trip to the spa. Actually, it’s the groomer but I ...

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    Jack in the Log Cabin

    When I first saw this pattern, Jack in the Log Cabin by Buttermilk Basin, I fell in love with it. The project was small, quick, and easy. The embroidered pumpkin was adorable, I couldn’t resist, I had to make him. I used three of the prints from our new collection Prim Hollow and the rest of the ...

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    Sue’s going away pillow

    When I heard that Sue was leaving us to move to Australia, I wanted to make her something to remember us by. I decided that I would make a pillow using Sue’s pattern, Sunflower Pillows (coming out in the near future!), and have all of us in the department sign our names on the petals. I used the ¡Fiesta! fabric line which worked perfectly with the already pieced blocks. 

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    Meet Debbie, Production Manager for Connecting Threads

    My name is Debbie and I work at the "happiest place on earth". No, it’s not Disneyland, but we have a lot of characters with many hats and have fun doing our jobs just the same. I have worked for Crafts Americana Group for over 10 years now. I was first employed as a Customer Service Representative for four years before moving on to Connecting Threads. I couldn’t believe that I got the opportunity to work and get paid doing what I loved: sewing and quilting!

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    Sewing Machine

    Oh my goodness, why, oh why, did I choose a paper piecing project to share with all of you when it is my least favorite of techniques? I like the end results but the process is painful! I picked the project of the sewing machine months ago from the book Needles and Notions by Jaynette Huff.

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    Gifty Galore Project #1 – Pretty Teacups

    Definition of TEACUP: "A small cup usually with a handle used with a saucer for hot beverages…" Or in this case, a pincushion. What a great idea to show off those heirloom teacups, antique finds or garage sale deals. Pretty Teacup, from the book Super-Cute Pincushions, is the first project for Gifty Galore 2012, and it is so easy!

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    Gifty Galore 2011: Buttons!

    Buttons, Buttons, Whose got the BUTTONS! Here is another great way for showing off your favorite buttons, ribbons, and beads.  And, if you can part with your buttons, it makes a wonderful gift. The pattern Button Bars Mini Quilt, from Kim Schaefer's Quilts from Textured Solids, was my choice for my Gifty Galore project. 

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    June Block: A Year in Stitches

    The idea for June’s Year in Stitches block came easy to me. Our back yard in May and June is filled with feathery friends flying to and fro, bathing in the fountain and nesting in the trees (and even in one of my birdhouses!). June’s block was inspired by a scene that took place in our backyard a couple of years ago. The happy bird couple produced three babies and gave us hours of bird watching as the babies emerged from the house one by one and took flight. I look forward to each spring so I can sit and watch these creatures. So now you know where my inspiration for June’s block came from! To get the pitch on the roof that I wanted, I chose paper piecing. Then, appliqué for the birds-and by mistake I was playing around with the flowers I decided to make them dimensional by fusing two layers of fabric and attaching them to the block with a simple French knot. I hope you enjoy making this block. Stop and take a few moments to watch your feathered friends and you will surely get a blessing! -Deborah

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    May Block: A Year in Stitches

    I was so excited to design my first block for A Year in Stitches, but didn’t quite know what to design... I designed my own species of flower – the pinwheel! It was really fun to design and the yo-yo’s give it a little extra touch.

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