7 Types of Quilters Gift Guide: The Machine Quilter

For Day 4 of our 7 Types of Quilters Gift Guide, we’re sending some love to all the machine quilters out there! While most quilters use a sewing machine for piecing, not everyone can buy a long arm machine for the quilting portion of their work. That’s a-ok for us machine quilters out there and many of us love quilting on a table top machine! This little list of gifts is designed especially for all of you, items that can help you master your machine quilting and keep your workspace organized! Let’s take a look at our picks:

  1. Machingers Gloves ($8.95)

An absolute must for sewers who use their machines on a daily basis, these gloves are heaven-sent. Made of a sturdy nylon that won’t let threads cling and coated fingertips to prevent fabric drag, Machingers gloves come in 3 sizes for any quilter on your list. They’re lightweight, form-fitting and even have a coating-free palm to help maintain breathability – aka, no sweaty palms! A stocking stuffer any quilter will swoon over!

2. Free Motion Quilting Practice Panel II in White ($13.00)

Machine quilting takes practice, so this gift is for all the beginners out there – or anyone who needs to brush up their skills! A white fabric panel made just for honing your free motion quilting, this exercise can be done again and again using its water-soluble design. Don’t like it on white? No worries, we’ve got it on black fabric too! Want to complete the set? We’ve got two more: The Free Motion Quilting Practice Panel I and the Free-Motion Quilting Feather Medallion Practice Panel! Buy all three for the machine quilting newbie on your list!

3. Clover Stack ‘n Store Bobbin Tower ($18.50)

When you’re facing the daunting task of sewing a queen-sized quilt, the bobbin count can be shocking. 5, 10, 20? It can be an endless supply and stopping to wind bobbins mid-quilting session is even more annoying. The Stack ‘n Store Bobbin Tower is such a useful addition to any quilters toolbox. Wind up all the bobbins you think you’ll need for your quilt, stack them up and get to sewing! No halting mid-stream to wind bobbins – just pre-wind, stack and replace when needed!

4. Walk: Mastering Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot by Jacquie Gering ($23.16 – currently 20% off!)

This book is a must-have for all machine quilters out there, beginners and pros alike. The walking foot can seem intimidating at first, but it truly is a lifesaver for machine quilting – it helps grip that top layer of fabric at the same pace as your feed dogs, preventing puckering as you sew. Gering does a tremendous job of introducing you to the walking foot, offers helpful tips along the way and walks (😉) you through practice designs. It’s a favorite here at Connecting Threads and will make a perfect gift for any sewer on your list!

5. Clover Wonder Clips – 50 pieces ($34.50)

No one who quilts will be surprised by this recommendation! Wonder clips are a must have these days for anyone who quilts or sews – they’re grippy for slippery fabric, they don’t stab the fabric like pins and come in a myriad of sizes for any project on your list. Not sure if your quilty bff already has some? Trust us when we say – you can never have enough of these fabulous clips! Maybe they have a full set of the basic size? We also sell the Mini Wonder Clips (great for smaller projects and tight corners) and Jumbo Wonder Clips (great for thicker projects using flannel or canvas). There’s a Wonder Clip for everyone on your list!

To all the machine quilters out there: we see you pushing those big ol’ rolled up quilts through your machine and we absolutely love your moxie! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook too, as we love to see what y’all are quilting! Happy gifting 🎁

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