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Clover Patchwork Pins

Featured Tool: Patchwork Pins by Clover, Item #82201

Patchwork Pins

What are they typically used for?

These are used for pinning fabrics before sewing–pins keep fabric in place. I use the .4mm regularly for pinning cotton fabric before piecing and sewing. The .5mm needles work better for multiple or thicker layers (like making bags, etc.). 

What was your first impression of the pins?

I liked how thin they are (the .4mm size in particular) and the glass heads.

What was your experience with them like?

These pins work great! They worked well from the start. I did learn to use the thicker pins with heavier fabric or additional layers to minimize any bending of the pins. They’re so thin and sharp that they glide easily through the fabric.

What did you like best?

These pins worked great for precision piecing–these pins distort the fabric less. In addition, glass heads mean the iron won’t melt them! The thin pins glide through the fabric well and the .4mm pins bend instead of breaking sewing machine needles if you miss pulling a pin out in time.

Were there any negatives we should know about?

They bend a little easier than thicker pins, but this didn’t matter to me because the benefits of use far outweigh having to straighten out a few crooked pins.

Who would appreciate these pins the most?

These are perfect for:

  • Beginner, intermediate, and expert quilters
  • General sewists
  • Paper-piecers
  • Anyone acquiring the essential quilting tools