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Connecting Threads Podcast Episode 20 – The Importance of Thread Featuring Diane Henry!

Today’s episode of the Connecting Threads Podcast is all about thread.

Lately we’ve been thinking about the importance of thread in all sewing, but especially in quilting. Thread is much like the laces in a shoe. While absolutely vital, they’re often taken for granted until troubles arise.

With the untold hours spent carefully selecting fabrics, servicing the machine, and choosing buttons and trims, thread often gets passed aside as an afterthought. It wasn’t until Zoey became more interested in bag making and experienced a few unfortunate snapped seams that she realized there even were differences in thread at all!
With a focus on utilizing resources, and that includes chatting with others who are willing to share their experiences. Today we’re taking you with us to thread school. 

First up, Zoey talks to Eleanor who just attended her first quilt show and has come home with some industry knowledge. They check in on her sewing progress, and chat about all the exciting threads of knowledge she’s picked up so far. 

Later on, Zoey chats with sewing expert, Diane Henry, to talk all about choosing the right thread for your project and the importance of thread selections regarding color, fiber content, and more. Really, Diane is a thread superstar. An industry leader, she has been known to host incredible informative seminars where she pours pizzazz into this often overlooked subject. She knows the ins and outs of all of the things that make thread exciting and has some of the best tricks to keep thread troubles away.

Grab some spools and wind some bobbins! This episode is an incredible tool to jumpstart you into thinking about thread and hopefully teach you a few new tips along the way.

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0:00 Welcome to the Connecting Threads Podcast hosted by Zoey
2:04 Zoey and Eleanor check in
17:10 Zoey chats with Diane Henry
57:54 The Credits

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