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Connecting Threads Podcast Episode 13 – Unraveling the Mystery of Fabric Production

On this second episode of this season of the Connecting Threads Podcast, Kate’s quilting journey takes her into the world of fabric. She chats with two of her favorite fabric experts about the right side and wrong side of the fabric design & production process. Listen in as both Kris and Patrice share a little insight into the thought and care that goes into making all of those beautiful cotton fabrics you know and love. This is the ultimate peek behind the scenes of the fabric happenings at Connecting Threads. 

First after a quick update on Kate’s quilt, Kate and Kris do a deep dive into fabric production. Why don’t two cotton quilting fabrics feel the same? Quilting cottons are the sum of several components and the quality of the individual components is what makes the end product special, Kris explains. To really understand, you have to start back with the cotton plant. For example the longer the staple, or the fiber, of cotton, the softer and smoother that fabric will be. We take the cotton and then we make a base cloth, or grey goods, and then print the design. Kris demystifies the reactive process and pigment process of printing

We meet Judy Reed, the Connecting Threads Outreach Director. 

Next Kate talks to Patrice about fabric design and gets her advice about how to pair fabrics together. Patrice guides Kate through some of the fabric-specific terms that have come up like” ditsy”, “focal fabric” and “tonal”. Pairing fabrics is personal but Patrice does offer some direction to help Kate’s “part time Type A” brain. Similar to parents not having a favorite child, Patrice doesn’t have a favorite fabric collection but does share one that is fresh in her mind. Listen to find out more. 

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0:00 The introduction with Kate
0:45 Kris and Kate check in (small talk)
1:58 Kate’s quilt status update
5:30 Introduction to segment 1 main topic – Fabric Production
8:26 Basics of Textile Production
24:20 Meet the Connecting Threads Team – Meet Judy, the Connecting Threads Outreach Director 
26:43 Kate and Patrice check in (small talk)
27:32 Kate asks “how do you pair fabrics together?” 
29:07 Patrice backs up and starts with some terminology 
29:44 “What is a ditsy print?” Patrice defines ditsy print
31:07 Focal fabric defined
31:54 Pairing fabrics together discussion
38:55 Definitions of other fabric types
45:45 Patrice’s pick of fabric collection
52:00 Credits