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I'm a fabric designer who loves to bake! I love imagery! Prints, patterns, textiles, fine art, photography...you name it. I love antiques and almost anything vintage. Music lover, collector of 50's 60's Rock n roll / Girl Group records.

Recent Posts by Jenni

    Introducing Yosemite Park Flannels

    Yosemite Park Flannel Greetings from New York! I told you I’d still be around! I’m super excited for my newest collection – Yosemite Park – to launch at CT because it’s a personal dedication to my mom! My mom had quite a unique experience being born and raised in Yosemite and having the amazing experience ...

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    Rainbow Cartouche Embroidery Pillow

    My dear friend just celebrated a monumental birthday and I wanted to do something nice for her to let her know how much I love and appreciate her!  She is a giant fan of rainbows, rainbows of any kind!  So, I decided to embroider a pillow for her, using my Cartouche Embroidery Pattern.  You’ve seen my original version, but I ...

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    Leaving Connecting Threads…moving back to New York!

    It is with a heavy heart and bittersweet sentiment that I say goodbye.  Goodbye to Connecting Threads, my coworkers turned family, and to all of you!  I have made the decision to move back to New York.  My time at CT has been amazing and the most invaluable experience of my career.  CT and all of you have helped put my face and name to all the art I create and helped in making me feel honored to have all ...

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    Introducing the Hampton Hues fabric collection

    I cannot stop drooling over the new Hampton Hues collection.  It is my personal favorite fabric collection to date.  I have been obsessed with coral colors for many years now, and it’s so exciting to see them come to life in a fabric collection.  I was inspired by the beach and the Hamptons ...

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    Baby Quilt – Gingham Style!

    A dear old friend of mine is about to have her first baby, and I’m beyond excited for her. It was a must that I make a baby quilt! Every time I make a gift, I really try to customize it to the person, their style, their aesthetic. She loves gingham, so I decided to make a quilt that looked like a giant gingham pattern. I used our

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    Inspired antiquing!

    One of my favorite things to do is take road trips and discover antique shops.  Every time I see an antique shop my heart skips a beat.  I love walking into a shop and being amazed at every corner I turn.  I’m always thrilled to see art and objects I’ve never seen before, or see striking antique textiles or quilts.  To be honest, before I worked at CT I didn’t really pay that much attention to quilts, but now it’s almost one of the first things I spot.  I immediately go up to it and feel it, and gaze at the fabric and the piecing.  I love the “worn and laundered” quality of them.  I try and imagine where it came from and who created such a wonderful piece.

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    Introducing Neutral Love II

    During my time here, I’ve learned many essential tips to what it means to be a quilter and what are major necessities when quilting.  A quilter’s stash is especially important!  After seeking advice from my coworkers who are avid quilters, it seemed like a great idea to create a collection that would be a stash building collection.  So I first created Neutral Love, with the intention of it being solely neutral colored prints; blacks, browns, greys, tans, creams, etc.  Neutral Love was a great hit by our customers, so it was a no brainer to bring it back.  Or at least bring the concept back...so Neutral Love II was created!

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    Have you tried our “Iron-On Transfer Pens”? They’re on Sale!!

    As most of you know I love to embroider and I usually use the old school method of transferring my design by tracing it by using a light-box and Pigma pen, but with all the embroidering I’ve been doing, I thought I should really take advantage of the tools we offer at CT and see what other options there are out there, that I may actually find more useful.  So I tested out the Iron-On Transfer Pens by Sulky of America.  

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    Ann’s Quilt Studio Remodel – Part 4

    Just a quick blog update on my quilt studio remodel. I meant to post this during January since it was National Organization Month… but I wasn’t, well, organized yet. Ever wonder what to do with those cute signs with quilt-related sayings...

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    Floral Fiesta Embroidered Pouch

    Mexican folk art was a huge inspiration for not only my Fiesta collection, but also for my embroidery pattern. I love folk art embroidered peasant blouses and dresses. I'm drawn to the vivid colors and symmetrical design elements. The motifs themselves are simple, but composed of so many different elements, makes such a bold and striking statement. The tightly packed embroidery and boldness of colors just make me smile.

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