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Weekly Curated Sale: Everyday Quilter

The sewing center at Connecting Threads is constantly quilting, piecing, and sewing to make the beautiful projects you see in our website and catalog. With all that time spent quilting, we definitely have a list of go-to tools that we use on a very regular basis. Our go-to tools save us time and ensure a great end result. For this sale, we’ve selected some of the best items to share with you! QUILTING For quilters, good stencils can be a lifesaver. They ...

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Sewing for Keeps

I don’t like resolutions. They feel like shouting into the wind because they often are, at least for me. I do love goals, however. I love lists and I definitely love plotting out future actions. I’m the type of person who actually likes filling out forms, I almost can’t resist them… much ...

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