I layout the Connecting Threads catalog, as well as do book design. I'm a quilter who loves coordinating fabric prints, and I tend to be drawn to 'open' or 'negative space' quilt designs with a variety of quilting. The Modern quilting world is appealing, but I'm just as passionate about the history of quilting, especially during the turn of the century.

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    Book Review
    Book Review: Scrap-Basket Strips & Squares

    I love looking through Scrap-Basket Strips and Squares because the projects have a good balance between modern and vintage-esque fabrics–and the yardage requirements are listed for both precuts and stash options. Kim Brackett’s quilts have a fun optical illusion to them. The blocks seem to appear to overlap and give dimension to the patterns. This book has clear instructions and illustrations ...

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    Book Review: Modern Vintage Gifts

    Modern Vintage Books by Helen Philipps is filled with 27 projects exploring different techniques including patchwork, quilting, paper piecing, applique, color play, embroidery, and embellishment. Quilters will all agree that the amount of time and love that goes into handmade gifts can range greatly. Personally, I prefer smaller projects that can be done within 5-8 hours because of my busy schedule–and ...

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    Gifty Galore 2015 – Project 20

    It’s Gifty Galore Project 20! This Folded Star Ornament made with fabric can be a quick and easy stocking stuffer for anyone. No sewing needed! This is where I found the original pattern (you’ll have to translate the page to read it) To begin, start by gathering your materials: 4 strips of fabric measuring 3″ x 14″. Spray starch Binder clips or Wonder Clips Bodkin or tweezers Applique ...

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    Sew a Simple Skirt!

    I really love Tula Pink; and especially her fabric “Swarm” from the Moonshine fabric collection. I thought it would be the perfect fabric for a simple skirt. Having not much garment sewing experience, I really wanted to try my hand at something easy, just like I did when I starting quilting with simple nine-patches.

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    Magic Pillowcases in Blast Off! Flannel

    Magic Pillowcases I recently sewed up these Magic Pillowcases and let me tell you: they are so easy to sew, and so soft to the touch, especially when made in flannel. These prints are from our Blast Off! Flannel collection (but Blast Off! also comes in flat cotton as well). The blue accent combined with the orange rim and fun ...

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    The Jungle Things Fold & Go Art Kit

    I had the pleasure of sewing up the Fold & Go Art Kit, designed by Fishsticks Designs for photography for the Connecting Threads catalog. I know this art kit is the perfect accessory for my daughter, Ella, who is a creative five-year old and loves to draw all the time. Now ...

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    Sewing the Long Shorts Pattern in our Liberty for All Fabric

    Here at Connecting Threads, we get the pleasure of testing and sewing patterns for photography. I sewed these for my 2-year old daughter, Hannah, in the Liberty for All! fabrics. I’m not a garment sewer, but this pattern by Sewing Sue is a quick and easy project that even I could follow. The pockets on the sides are perfect for collecting ...

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    Hand Lettering Type and Embroidery Part 1

    Besides sewing and quilting, I have an extreme love for typography and design. I’ve been drawing my whole life, but hand-drawn lettering has become a new favorite hobby. It takes quite a bit of patience to refine and develop my hand to become a true hand lettering master, but I love practicing almost every day! A lot of times, I find inspiration on Pinterest.

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    Fabrics inspired by my color palette search on Design Seeds.
    Color Theory and Quilting Inspiration

    In my opinion, one of the truest ways to explore color theory for quilts is within the surroundings of nature. When I look closely, I see all kinds of imaginative colors! Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky to have frequent beautiful rainbows after a rain shower. One of my other favorite places to explore color theory is with the website, Design Seeds. It’s such an amazing place to find color inspiration! You can explore and find photos starting with just one color that strikes your ...

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