I manage the Designer Downloads on the website. What a great thrill it was to get the Designer Download program up and running. It is great to work with so many talented designers. I love the continual inspiration I get from the creative people I work with, now if I could just find the time to get to that stack of quilting projects awaiting me…

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    One Fabric Runner 02
    One Fabric Runner in Lavender Market 2

    I love lavender. I have oodles and oodles of it in my front yard. I love to watch the bees go from bloom to bloom collecting their pollen. I love running my hands through the plant and inhaling deeply. I love harvesting the buds and drying them and making satchels so I can enjoy the lavender all year long. I also ...

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    Gifty Galore 2015 – Project 2

    I love to watch movies on my tablet as I sew. It really helps keep me focused. I saw this great Tablet Stand Tutorial on Pixels To Patchwork blog and thought it would be perfect to keep my tablet more stable as I watch/listen. Taryn’s step by step instructions were really easy to follow. I collected a 1/4 yard for the main body and some scraps to sew together for the sides of ...

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    Mingled close
    Mingled with Blast Off!

    I am just loving this great Blast Off Flannel. The fun space themed fabric is so cute. Lately, I have been stocking up on my baby gifts quilts. So if I can make one super quick, all the better! The Mingled Baby ...

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    WringerWasher Close
    Wringer Washer Little Quilt

    Stephanie Dunphy (Loft Creations) is one of my favorite people and designers. She is just a fabulous human being and I count her among the amazing women I know. Over the years she has become a part of our Connecting Threads family. I love her aesthetic and vintage vibe. My other passion lately has been 30’s reproduction fabric quilts. ...

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    Amie & Austin Pixton
Photo Credit: Tami Webb Photography
    Orca Wall Hanging

      This was the table runner in the quilt shop. If you remember, back in June I talked about a quilt shop I visited when I was on a trip to Alaska. I found a great tribal Orca wall hanging/table runner pattern while at the Rushin’ Tailor Quilt Shop. I just knew my boy Austin ...

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    Mini Spools 1
    Mini Spools Mini Quilt

    I have been eyeing the latest trend of doing mini quilts. I love them, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to work with little pieces. Let’s be honest, I’m not that accurate of a piecer. But I like the idea of a small quilt that I can practice my quilting. Well, one my dear friends from my quilt group was moving and I thought a mini quilt was just the thing to send her off with all ...

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    MIni Pumpkins 01
    Mini Pumpkins Topper

    I am not a huge Halloween fan. I’m not against it, but I just want to decorate for Fall and be done with it.  I do LOOOOOVE pumpkins however, so when I saw Mini Pumpkins Table Treat by Lynne Hagmeier’s design from Kansas Trouble’s, I jumped at the chance to make it. It is only 17 inches and the pumpkins are fusible applique so it is small enough to make ...

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    Skaggway QA04
    Rushin’ Tailor’s Quilt Alaska

    Anita and her mom in front of the Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, AK My mom and I recently went on an Alaska Cruise. We both brought some hand-work to do on ship during down time.  Boy did ...

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    Golden Age Pillow Pattern – Free Download

    The focal print in Golden Age, “Old Hollywood” is such a striking print and an unusual one, compositionally speaking.  I love it!  I think it’s so pretty and so interesting!  Knowing that this print would be a bit more challenging to work with, I knew instantly I wanted to showcase it by creating a decorative accent pillow.  I also knew I wanted to incorporate embroidery to give it a more three dimensional effect.

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