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Cosmetic Clutches
Bridesmaid’s Bags

Recently, my daughter was married to her sweetheart of eight years;  a glorious occasion to be sure! To honor and express my gratitude to the women in her bridal party, I made a beautiful bag for each and filled them with a few things they might need on the “big day”, then took them out for a delicious dinner.

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Simple Image 1
My Simple Sewing Space

Welcome to my work space! Not being a person who procures a great many things, I prefer a short-and-sweet way of living. My motto is: if I don’t use it regularly it gets thrown out. What you are about to see will not rival the polished and sophisticated work areas of quilting professionals. It does allow me to simply get the job done with efficiency, have some fun doing it and leave little to clean up when it all has ...

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