X-Actly What You Need Wallet – Lesson 1

Join me in making this deliciously beautiful and cleverly constructed wallet! Once you see how it’s made you’ll want to make several for gifts! I am! It’s great! You will need to purchase the kit from Connecting Threads #6383 for $7.45 (not including shipping) to make the wallet.

Oh, my, gosh, when Sue showed me her idea for this wallet I just had to make it, so I offered to make the Test 2 version. This is made from the Primitive Pennies collection and is used for photography. What a clever design and it was really a lot of fun to make!

I began by cutting out all the fabric pieces, fusible fleece, and fusible interfacing pieces. It is very helpful to associate the correct fusibles with fabric pieces.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions when ironing on your fusible products. So, to begin I ironed the fleece to A and D. When fusing fleece, I found it to be the most effective by applying the heat on the fabric side. You can quilt these two if you prefer now, however, I quilted my wallet at the end. Iron the interfacing c to C as well, and center and iron the interfacing g to G.

Once quilting is complete (if quilting), trim A and D to 7” x 13”.

I use chalk markers a lot and find them to be particularly helpful. I marked the vertical center and horizontal center with a line 1-3/4” from the narrow edge on one end. I like to use a chalk marker as it seems to be the easiest to apply and remove. This chalk line may look a bit deep compared to your line and it is. When I was finishing the wallet, it appeared the Velcro needed to be moved as it was a very tight, so I took it off and hand stitched it down to the measurement you are given in your pattern.

Using the chalk lines just drawn, lay and center the hard side of the Velcro on A. Sew around the perimeter. A great way of removing the chalk marks is using a hard toothbrush. I found some ‘toothbrush’ looking tools at the hardware store that work even better because they are small like a toothbrush but the bristles are much stiffer.

Repeat the same process with D, however, mark D horizontally ½” from the narrow edge. This is a perfect measurement too! 🙂

Lay and center the (hard side) other piece of Velcro on D and sew down.

Sew B to C along the 7” side and turn right side out. Press. B is larger than C but it will create a beautiful, contrasting edge when turned right side out.

Top stitch 1/8” along the top of the seam line from the edge of B. I think this is so clever how the red creates a bit of a binding look without having to construct binding!

Draw a chalk line through the middle of the B/C unit running from red edge to red edge. The middle is 3-1/2” from one side. Lay this unit on D 1” from the edge. Sew along the chalk line. This is the card pocket.

Lay A and D together with fusible fleece facing each other. Make sure the Velcro on A is turned so it is opposite the Velcro on D. Baste 1/8” around the perimeter. I pinned mine together because with my luck I know it would shift!

From the edge, mark a line at 4” and another one at 5”.

Sew through all layers along these lines. Yay! Lesson one is done!!! Wahoo! Tomorrow we will attack the zipper panel. You will be surprised how easy it is and how cleverly constructed! This will make a great gift for Christmas. I got my wallet completed in an afternoon!


  1. RANCHMOM - December 5, 2013

    Oh thanks Mari, I have a couple of girlfriends that will love these wallets. Need to get busy and get some done.

  2. Debbie - December 5, 2013

    I dont see the measurements of the fabric pieces

  3. Mari - December 5, 2013

    To make the wallet you will need to purchase the kit from Connecting Threads #6383 for $7.45. Keep in mind this includes the pattern AND fabric! It’s a great deal!

  4. Teri - December 5, 2013

    Thanks for such detailed instructions! I was a little afraid it would be too hard but after seeing you break it down step-by-step it seems less intimidating.

  5. VickiT - December 6, 2013

    Is this available as just the pattern without the entire kit?

  6. Mari - December 7, 2013

    VickiT, no the pattern is available in a kit only, however, the kit is only $7.45. that’s less than patterns on the market are going for. You could gift someone the fabric if you don’t care for it!

  7. VickiT - December 7, 2013

    Mari ~ Thank you for the reply.

  8. Joan P martin - January 6, 2014

    I have just finished part 1 thank you for the vido I don’t think I could have done it as fast as I did with out it. I will finish it tomarrow. Thank you

  9. Mari - January 7, 2014

    You are very welcome Joan!