Wooden Spools

I absolutely LOVE bright colors on a black ground and Home Front has all that and more. OK, so what is your inspiration when you begin to create in your quilt room? Quilt magazines? Art? Fabrics? Well, I love color and the wider the range the better. Color is an interesting thing, not much more is needed when creating a work of art! Color also affects our moods, frame of mind, and even our general health! Yellow gives us energy, blue and green are restful and red gets us all fired up!

The Wooden Spools quilt is a burst of happiness that combines what I love most, quilting, and how I love to express it, in lots of color! I can see the Wooden Spools quilt draped over my favorite chair in the quilt studio just waiting to warm my legs while I hand-stitch a binding onto a quilt or, draped over an Easy Display Quilt Hanger to add spice to the walls in my studio.

Elementary in construction, the Wooden Spools block is quite straightforward using only one piecing technique. One spool requires two stitch-n-flip units and a single rectangle. The Spools block is four individual spools each turned 90°, that’s all! It is an excellent skill builder for a beginner, and the subject matter makes it an exceptional gift for any quilter whether completed or as a kit. It is good to note that the binding is one strip from each of the sixteen fat quarters giving the perimeter of the quilt some sparkle!


  1. Linda B - September 13, 2012

    This quilt is very inspiring and colorful! I really like it!

  2. Cindy Radtke - September 13, 2012

    This is my very favorite new offering and it is winging it’s way to my home. Can’t wait to get this one going! A bright spot in the cold, dark winter days ahead! Thanks Mari for a great quilt!

  3. Rosalie Wilkins - September 13, 2012

    What a wonderful bright quilt. Being a new quilter I will also try to make one. I have only made lap blankets for Hospice but, this one is calling me.

  4. Mari - September 14, 2012

    Thank you everyone! I love this quilt and know you won’t be disappointed!

  5. Marilyn Lessner - September 14, 2012

    Just love the bright colors in this quilt. I am putting the pattern on my “to do” list for the spring. May not use the same color scheme, but have been wanting to do a Spools quilt for some time now. Hoping that the pattern is available by itself?

  6. Martha Vandiver - September 14, 2012

    When I see wooden spools it reminds me of my grandma in alabama. When visiting her, she was always working on a quilt, no matter what time of the year. I am so glad she shared her love of quilting with me.

  7. Amanda Best - September 14, 2012

    I love this new quilt! It is such a beauty, anyone who orders it is going to have a lovely quilt to enjoy.

  8. Pat - September 15, 2012

    My best tip is for storing bobbins. I use a bow maker. The bobbins stack very nicely on the pegs.
    I use a “pot lid holder” to store my rulers in. They stack on their sides and are easy to find when I need them.