What CT Moms want for Mother’s Day

It’s that time of year again when we all scramble to think of that perfect gift that tells Mom how much she is loved and appreciated. We have tried to simplify the process for you this year by polling our CT Moms and asking, “What do you really want this year for Mother’s Day?” Hopefully their responses will help guide you in finding the perfect gift. If not, you can always just let her choose with a Connecting Threads gift card…the Mother’s Day card is really cute! 

Laraine’s Gift of Choice:
After throwing a fit over having to rip out and re-sew triangles on my flying geese, everyone told me I should have this ruler.  It would be a great gift.

Melissa’s Gifts of Choice:
I would love a few different things! First, I would be thrilled to receive a Classic Dot Fat Quarter Sampler.

I make a lot of scrappy, colorful quilts and participate in a modern quilt block exchange, so this basic print sampler would be so useful to have in my stash. Its bright colors will mix perfectly with my scraps, and the Classic Dot design is timeless and can mix with any style.

Next up, I would appreciate the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters.

I love colorful, scrappy quilts that combine classic and modern piecework, so this book is my new favorite. There are so many beautiful quilt patterns that I must make, and I love the shape workshop approach.”

Finally, since we have come out with so many new colors of thread, I really need to add to my stash. Only I know what colors I need though, so I would love a gift card to use toward Essential Thread.

Teri’s Gifts of Choice:
I would love to get the new Curl Header for my stand. I love it because I could use it any time of year, and it would go with any small quilt that I might have on my stand.

I could also use the double sided thread organizer.

I have so much thread, and it’s all sitting out on my bookshelf getting dusty. I love that this organizer lets you keep your threads dust free and still be able to see them and move them all around easily. It’s so handy!

Jenna’s Gift of Choice:
For Mother’s Day, I really would LOVE the new Quilter’s Candy basics fat quarter samplers. Specifically, the Solid Foliage and Solid Oceanfront samplers. They are perfect to mix and match with my stash!

We hope that these gift ideas helped get your wheels turning in your mind. Another place you can get inspiration is on our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas page. If you’re a mom, we’d love to hear in the comments what you are secretly (or maybe not so secretly) wishing for this year. Let us know!


  1. elsa - May 9, 2012

    There are a couple of books I wouldn’t mind having but really I just want time with my son ~ which I’m going to get! We’re going to a flower garden and then to lunch. A perfect Mother’s Day!

  2. Barbara - May 9, 2012

    I would love to have some of the new sampler collections. I really like to make quilts that use pre-cut pieces. I also like to make scrappy quilts. My parents got me a new sewing machine for Christmas so I am working on using up left overs. I would love to have some time with my son who lives in NC. He is my only child and I miss him very much.

  3. wanda spain - May 9, 2012

    I am so blessed that my folks are still here, so I am getting my wish of celebrating Mothers Day with my 85 year old mother. My children are joining us, so what more could you wish for. Happy Mothers Day to all mothers everywhere.