Weekly Gifty Project

This week’s Gifty Project is the Santa Thread Catcher & Pin Cushion from Nancy Halvorsen’s book, Sew Necessary and I used fabrics from Wrap it Up I took a little artistic license by painting on the eyes instead of using buttons, and using 2 colors for the peppermint.

There’s a cute little triangle pocket on the inside and plenty of room on the pin cushion for lots of pins!

It would be a great gift, and if you have a friend that’s a Santa collector like me, a necessary part of this year’s decor. It might be fun to display him with holiday greens and berries in the catcher part too. Fun and quick to make if you should wait until the last minute like I usually do.

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  1. Barb - October 22, 2013

    I like the simplicity of the weekly gifts….THANSK FOR ALL OF YOUR IDEAS.