Weekly Curated Sale: Quilt and Tool Display

Once a quilted project is finished, I first do my happy dance because I actually finished something! Then the question of how best to display it arises. I will share with you some of my favorites ways – all of which are on sale this week because I picked them just for you!

Mini Quilt Hangers
Let’s start with mini quilt hangers. My current favorite – because I am enjoying making mini quilts – is the Wire Table Stand which holds a 12″ square mini quilt (or one up to 12″ x 14″). You can use the stand by itself. Cute headers are available for the Wire Table Stand and add a decorative or seasonal touch.

71331 Wire Table Stand shown with various headers (sold separately)

The header I use the most is the 71431 Double Scroll, shown on the Piccadilly Mini Quilt which was the first blog post  I wrote for the Blue Room series on Notions.  (Note: It is my photography and not the stand that is crooked.)


I am also finishing Vicki Bellino’s Honeycomb Bouquet – Autumn mini quilt and plan to hang it on a Wire Table Stand as well. The 77784 Table Stand Classic Curl Header is shown in the image below.

Even smaller 6″ square mini quilts, such as my button sampler mini quilt, are adorable hanging on the  Wire Scalloped Single Stand.


71445 Wire Scalloped Single Stand -Gray

Another handy and inexpensive option for a 6″ mini quilt is the 6-1/2″ Single Leaf Split Wire Hanger

71530 6-1/2″ Single Leaf Split Wire Hanger – Charcoal

I recently purchased a Wire Flip Card Holder to hold a year of Mari’s Itty Bitty Quilts – which are on my list of must-do projects! This clever holder will be perfect for the 6″ mini quilts because, when it’s time for a change, I just flip to the next mini quilt. How handy is that!

71531 Wire Flip Card Holder with 6 Fabric Clip Holders – Charcoal

For Winthur Sempliner’s Acorn Park collection for Connecting Threads, I had fun designing the Acorn Park Triptych pattern to fit the Wire Scroll Tri-Stand.

71473 Wire Scroll Tri-Stand – Grey

I adore Winthur’s squirrel with the startled expression!

Wall Hangings
I have lots of Works in Progress (WIP) – more than the average quilter because I get inspired by so many ideas working here at CT! Unfortunately, I  am known for starting many more projects than I finish – hence the happy dance mentioned above.

One half-finished WIP is a hexagon wall hanging that will be about 20″ – 21′ wide. I hope to hang it on my Classic Curl Quilt Holder which is just waiting for its completion.

71453 Classic Curl Quilt Holder – 22″

Even if I do finish a project, it can take a long time. I finally hung my Scrappy Log Cabin this weekend – which I first blogged about in August of 2014! DH helped me hang it on a Hang It Dang It. You just need one nail to hang the quilt; the rod that comes with it is centered in the quilt’s sleeve. I used the small size which extends from 21″ to 35″ and fits quilts 21″ to 40″. There is a large size that extends from 35″ to 63″ and fits quilts 35″ to 68″.

82131 Hang It Dang It (the medium size is #82328)

The Hang It Dang It is not visible when the quilt is hung.


Tool Display
Since it was my turn to pick my favorite items for a curated sale, I got to sneak in four of our wooden signs with quilty sayings into the sale! Not to hang quilts – but to hang tools. By adding some cup hooks to the bottom, these wooden signs can hang tools such as rotary cutters and scissors. Here are some of the wooden signs with fun quilt sayings that we are currently carrying:

A message to quilt by for quilters like me!

An ongoing but exciting problem!

By inserting cup hooks in the bottom edge, a wooden sign becomes a decorative way to hang tools. I enjoy having my scissors and rotary cutters hanging. I always know where they are and they are handy to grab when needed. We currently carry different signs – but you get the idea. Oops! I almost forgot, I do plan to hang a mini quilt with three ribbons from cup hooks on one of the signs shown above. Like the sign says – “More Ideas Than Time”

Ann-RCs Ann-Scissors

So those are my favorites! Hope you find something that will work for your quilt and tool display needs. For other ideas, shop the entire weekly curated sale here. Want to see all of the different tools we currently have on sale? Visit our website and view them all!


  1. Laraine - August 24, 2016

    I love the tools hanging off the signs! (The rotary cutters are my favorite) What a fun idea.

    • Ann - August 24, 2016

      Thanks Laraine! It is decorative but functional – I am good about hanging them back up so I know where to find them when I need them. Which is good because sometimes the rest of my sewing room seems like a black hole for missing items.