Weekly Curated Sale: Everyday Quilter

The sewing center at Connecting Threads is constantly quilting, piecing, and sewing to make the beautiful projects you see in our website and catalog. With all that time spent quilting, we definitely have a list of go-to tools that we use on a very regular basis. Our go-to tools save us time and ensure a great end result. For this sale, we’ve selected some of the best items to share with you!


For quilters, good stencils can be a lifesaver. They ensure accuracy with shapes and make for a much more professional-looking project overall. The Stencils by Hancy Mfg Co. (82229) are my current favorites; I use them in conjunction with either a blue or white pounce pad (21268,21305) depending on the color of fabric being used.


Marking tools allow you a visual guide of where to cut, where to sew, and where to quilt. Clover makes a great water soluble marker (81199) that shows up on light to medium fabric and comes off easily with just water. For those times when you want your marks to come off with an iron or an eraser, the Frixion Erasable Gel Pens (82262) do the trick. Plus, they come in a fun array of colors!


We go through a ton of Golden Threads Quilting Paper (81310)–it’s so handy! Tracing quilt designs onto a piece is a breeze and because it is so wonderfully thin you can sew right through to quilt. Once you’ve quilted your design, it tears off easily.

golden threads quilting paper


The rotary cutter is like the sliced bread of sewing–once you’ve used one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without. My personal favorite for every day use is the Olfa Quick Change rotary cutter (81872). It’s a marvelous rotary cutter, allows you to change the blade easily, and–most importantly!–feels the most comfortable in my hand.


Wonder Clips (82234) have a ton of uses. They hold everything in place–binding, bag pieces, patterns, and all of your layers. While you might not use them for the same thing every day, they definitely make an appearance!

For squaring up half-square triangles, Bloc Loc Rulers (82266, 82267, 82268, 82269) are a favorite. The ruler has a lip that butts up to the seam–and the ruler stays in place. The Hot Hemmer (82172) and the Hot Ruler (82301) both provide a great way to keep fabric where you want it by allowing you to fold over and iron it. Since it doesn’t get hot, you don’t have to worry about burning yourself either (always a plus)!

BlocLocHST.1432739772hot hemmerhotruler


Pins are king in piecing. If you like thin, shorter pins, the Clover Patchwork Pins (82201) fit the bill nicely. Needle threaders are also lifesavers! Our go-to is typically the desk (81575) or embroidery (82296)  version by Clover, depending on the project.

CloverPatchworkPins.1407922621Needle Threader


Since sewing spaces can get messy and needles are small, staying organized while you piece is imperative. Dritz Needle Storage Tubes (82338) make it so you don’t spend all of your time hunting around looking for your hand sewing needles. Once you’ve actually found one, make sure it stays in your hands. The Needle Grip-It 2 (21329), helps with gripping a needle so you don’t drop them as often. As an added bonus, it also protects your fingers (particularly great for those who hate wearing thimbles!). Thread Heaven (82178) prevents threads from tangling and knotting in the first place


This limited time only sale ends August 1st, shop sale here!

You can also see all the other items on sale now in our Tool Sale, many of which would also be great for quilting about town!

Happy Quilting!!


  1. Linda Christianson - August 4, 2016

    The wonder Heaven is Heaven for embroidery hand sewing. It made the thread glide very very smoothly with no twisting. I was scared to use it on that type of thread, but after I did the Wonder Heaven was ready each 18″ of thread.

    • Linda Christianson - August 4, 2016

      It is the Thread Heaven. I said Wonder. I was wondering if it would work.