Because we sew up most of the projects you see in the catalog there is always a lot of binding that needs to be done. I happen to love hand sewing the binding on a quilt, so I often take one home to work on over a weekend. I get settled on the couch, turn on one of my favorite movies–you know, the kind you can quote the dialog from memory–and sit and bind.

Since weekends can get busy with different activities, I needed a place to keep my supplies that was quick and easy to pick up or put down at a moment’s notice. My solution? I created my own binding bag.



Let me show you what’s in it:

First, I have the Clover Desk Needle Threader (81575).

Clover Desk Needle Threader

This works really well with oval-eyed needles.  I liked it so much I got another to keep in my sewing room.

Next are the Straight Applique Scissors (81935).

Straight Applique Scissors

They are wonderful! I just did a tool review on these which you can read here.  Very sharp, and so inexpensive you will want several.  They even color coordinate with the needle threader!

Then I have Wonder Clips (82238) and I truly wonder how I ever got along without them.

Clover Wonder Clips - Assortment - 50pcs

The fun colors make me happy!  Now, I’m not one to fold and clip all binding around the entire quilt to start–but that is an option that quite a few people choose.  I find I use around three at a time and just move them as I go.  That way I don’t knock them off when I have to set my project down to take care of something.

The next item may seem a bit odd for a binding bag but I love it.  It’s the Stack ‘n Store Bobbin Tower (81920).   I also did a tool review of this that you can find here. (Bobbins not included)

Clover Stack 'n Store Bobbin Tower

I love that I can pull off one of the levels, put a few colors of bobbins in it, and throw it in my binding bag to have on hand.  The best part is it keeps the bobbins from unwinding and becoming a tangled mess.

And we can’t forget needles!  I like the assorted pack of Black Gold Applique/Sharps (21201)

 Black Gold Needles Applique/Sharps - Size 9


You get two of each size: 9, 10, and 12.  They are really sharp and thin, making them an excellent choice for binding.

Speaking of needles…I have a little homemade needle holder in my bag right now but I will soon be adding one of these:

Dritz Needle Storage Tubes (82338).

Dritz Needle Storage Tubes

They are new and we had a lot of fun trying them out in the office.  The magnet holds your needles and slides so you can tip it to get one out without them falling all over the place.  (If you click on the bonus media tab on our website you can watch a little video to see it in action.)

And of course we can’t forget the bag to hold it all.  Our Tool Pouch (81938)  is a great size to hold all these items yet small enough to grab and go if you need to.  (Contents not included)



We also have the On the Go Hand Sewing Bag (82265) which comes with all the items shown.

Please Note:  Some of the items included are different than the ones I have mentioned above but it does have all the essentials and is ready to go at a great price.  It also would make a great gift!  You can see everything that is included on our website here.

On the Go Hand Sewing Bag

Best of all, everything mentioned in my post is on sale through August 9th at midnight.  Click here to go to the curated sale.

Do you have anything you can’t live without to do your binding?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

To see all of our tools on sale, don’t forget to visit our Tool Sale!


  1. Paula A. - August 3, 2016

    I LOVE the Colonial brand leather Thimble Pads. They’re all I use for a thimble and each one last a long time. I’ve tried all kinds of thimbles. These are the go to thimble for me. Thanks!

    • Laraine - August 3, 2016

      Thanks for the recommendation. I should try those!

  2. Linda Christianson - August 8, 2016

    I love the leather Thimble pads too. I even made my own from leather scrapes.