Weekly Curated Sale – Bestsellers

Q. What is better than the best?

A. The best, on sale!

This week, we created a sale especially for our bestselling quilting and sewing items, giving you the opportunity to add them to your own collection at a special discount. Our list includes some of the

One quilting lifesaver (and consistent bestseller!) is the Omnigrid Mat by Dritz. Self-healing, lightweight, and sturdy, this mat is a must for quilters, sewers, and crafters. It allows you to both protect your surfaces as well as ensure any cuts you make are consistent and even–for years to come. We’ve added five different sizes to this week’s sale; pick the one that’s right for you or snag them all!

Omnigrid Mat

If you quilt, you most likely own and use a rotary cutter as frequently (or more) than your sewing machine. These Rotary Blade Refills by Clover are a go-to for many quilters–they’re extremely sharp, cutting easily through multiple layers of fabric and batting, and durable. We think they’re so amazing that we’ve included four different options in this week’s curated sale.

RBF RBF3 rotary blad refills rotarybladerefills

A quilter’s library is never complete! While we are always eager to read the latest and greatest (they provide such great instruction and inspiration!), five of our favorites are constant best sellers. These include: Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt; Jo’s Little Favorites by Jo Morton; Quiltmakers 1000 Blocks by Various Designers; Judith Baker Montano’s Essential Stitch Guide Booklet by Judith Baker Montano; and 138 Original Applique Designs by Yoko Saito.

stitch guide 46302.1448986630 farm girl 1000 138

No quilting bestseller list would be complete without mention of some of the bestselling tools! Topping the list are Wonder Clips by Clover (available in multiple colors and sizes). These little “wonders” work extremely well at keeping materials together–no matter what the material may be. Straight pins also help, and the current favorite are the Easy Grasp Pins by Dritz. Last but not least on our bestseller list are the Applique & Embroidery Scissors by Tool Tron Industries.  These durable and versatile scissors can be used for any sewing project. Bonus fact? They’re pretty, too!

dritz scissors wonderclips

View the rest of this week’s curated sale here. For a complete list of all our tools on sale, please visit our Tool Sale.

Happy Quilting!!


  1. Linda Christianson - June 29, 2016

    Thanks for adding books to the list. I have been looking at books to help me quilt my quilt. When I tried to look to see what CT had it did not bring up much. What word would help or is the selection at CT low on the subject?

    • Hayley - June 30, 2016

      Hi Linda,

      The majority of our books on quilting techniques and designs can be found under the Books category of our site. Narrowing your search by Subject (Quilting Designs & Techniques) should help you find what you’re looking for. The quick link for that is: http://bit.ly/29aJeun

      If you prefer to use the search site, I like using “Quilting Technique” to and narrowing the category (found on the bar on the right) by Books. Happy Quilting!

  2. Linda Christianson - June 30, 2016

    Thanks that helped. I found a book that was different enough. I am having fun playing with quilting from a class I took from Crafty. I will try to show my 4th of July table runners on the main page before the week out. Thread color does make a difference and I used CT.

    • Hayley - June 30, 2016

      Great, glad to have been able to help out! It’s amazing how something as simple as color can change the entire look and feel of a project. We’re looking forward to seeing your table runners!

  3. Jan - August 1, 2016

    Where do I find the pattern for the spiced harvest table topper? Love it and would like to make some for gifts.

    • Hayley - August 1, 2016

      Hi Jan,

      The Spiced Harvest Table Topper would make an excellent gift choice–it’s actually one of the gift choices for this year’s Gifty Galore! You can find the pattern in our book, Fast, Fun, & More Gifty. The book is available on our website.