Weekly Curated Sale ~ Appliqué & Embroidery Tools

We LOVE appliqué and embroidery here at Connecting Threads! There’s nothing better than sitting on the sofa at night with a good movie, needle and thread.

For this sale, we’ve picked some things that work well for appliqué projects and embroidery. Both are so popular right now– especially embroidery! I so enjoy the challenge of choosing the right thread color and thread that will blend well and sink into the fibers of the textile, like you would sink into a warm, soft bed. When I get that magical combination I just want to go, awwwwwe! Using the right tools will make that more achievable! Good tools are so important.

Needles are a bugger because you really have to try them out before finding just the right one for you. We use John James needles, (20932, 20933, and 21352). Starting out with an assortment pack is a great idea and money saver. We’ve also included silk thread (20310) as it is difficult to find something better that will disappear when appliquéing!


What will you need to manage that thread and needle you ask? Well let us help you!!! A needle threader (81575) is imperative. It’s so slick how it loads up the needle.  And if you are using pearl cotton, this needle threader (82296) is a must! It’s incredibly easy to use with all the thick threads! The scissors (82028) are a good fit for most fingers and the curved tip on this awl (82220) below is fantastic for pulling out unwanted stitches!

Finally, there are also some peripheral tools that, while are not a necessity, are very handy to have and keep the job of handwork much more efficient and enjoyable. Just click on the tool and it will take you to the sale! Wahoo! We just love good tools!



This limited time only sale ends July 25st, shop sale here!

You can also see all the other items on sale now in our Tool Sale, many of which would also be great for quilting about town!

Happy Quilting!!