Week 3 Pattern for 12 Weeks of Christmas!

Welcome to week 3 of the 12 Weeks of Christmas series! How are you progressing on the first two patterns?

My favorite thing about sewing gifts for others is how easily the items can be customized to meet the recipient’s tastes. When we first started talking about this 12 Weeks of Christmas project, my mind immediately went to making a pillow. My family has always been really big on holiday decorating, so a gift for my mom was the first thing that came to mind. After a while though, I realized that I had several friends who also enjoy holiday decorating. It occurred to me that whatever pattern I wrote needed to be flexible enough in its design that the end result would work for a number of different tastes and aesthetics. That, in a nutshell, was the most challenging part of the design process.

My parents’ home is decorated with traditional, country accents and warm, neutral colors. I knew right away that the colors I would use for their pillow would be gold, red, green, and white. But when I started thinking of my friends who have more contemporary homes, all sorts of color combinations came to mind!

The pillow I finished for my parents is above. Down below, you can see the various other iterations I went through in trying to style this pillow “just right” for every other person on my gift list.

Joy 2:

Joy 3:

Joy 4:

Joy 5:

Joy 6:

For the pillow that actually ended up being made, I used a combination of our beautiful Mirage fabrics and some skus from the Winter’s Evening collection. I was really surprised at how traditional the pillow looks in some color options and how modern and updated it looks with just a few tweaks. You’ve got to love a little flexibility!

If you’re planning to make this pillow, what colors do you think you will use?

If you do decide to participate in our Christmas fun, we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see how your projects turn out. If you’re on Pinterest, upload your pictures and tag them with #12WOC. Any images with that tag in the description will be seen by our team and re-pinned to our board! Of course, we would also love to see your pictures on our Facebook wall!



  1. Heidi - October 16, 2013

    Love this!! You’re right… it is a very versatile project!

  2. Katrina - October 16, 2013

    I like the original and number 2 best 🙂 Great job, Alisha. It’s wonderful!

  3. Jenni - October 16, 2013

    Super cute! I’m really drawn to #3 & #5, those you can have around all year. Who doesn’t want to be joyful all the time!?!

  4. Linda - October 16, 2013

    So good of you to present this with different colorways. Thanks for getting me out of pattern mind-lock!

  5. Susan - October 16, 2013

    I really like the traditional colors for Christmas, however, I would probably choose a blue/white version for everyday, since those are my colors.

  6. Joy Gross - October 17, 2013

    Oh… I thought you made it for me… 🙂 it’s adorable.

  7. Teri - October 21, 2013

    Great job! I love the one that looks like a Santa belly 🙂