Tool Review Tuesday: Seam Ripper

Tool Review Tuesday!

It’s Tool Review Tuesday! This is where we choose a tool, do some rigorous product testing, and produce a review that gives you the nitty-gritty details needed before you add something to your cart.

Featured Tool: Ergonomic Seam Ripper by Fons & Porter, Item # 81791

Connecting Threads Reviewer: Teri


What is the Ergonomic Seam Ripper typically used for?

Ripping out seams –AKA fixing oopsies!

What was your first impression?

I thought it might be a little big and unwieldy.

How did you use it?

I have used it to fix many a mistake – although I do use it less now that when I first got it.

What was your experience using the Ergonomic Seam Ripper like?

It actually fits perfectly in my hand and is comfortable to hold, even for long periods of time. It’s very sharp and the blade is just the right size – not too big, not too small for ripping seams.

How long did it take you to learn how to use it?

I like to try new things and don’t always fully read the directions. For this tool, I used it often and got the hang of it right away. It’s pretty self explanatory.

What did you like best? Least?

The comfortable handle is the best part; the cap doesn’t stay on very well, which is what I like the least.

Why do you NEED it?

Nobody is perfect.

Could you see another potential use for the tool?

I suppose if someone came in your sewing room and tried to steal your fabric or started annoying you, it could be used for defense…

Who would appreciate the Ergonomic Seam Ripper most?

This would be perfectly suited for:

  • Beginner Quilters
  • Intermediate Quilters
  • Expert Quilters
  • Someone acquiring the “basics”

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  1. Linda Christianson - September 7, 2016

    The handle helps if you get cramps and pain in your wrists from too much sewing. I did break the end off the first one I purchased, but bought it again and have no problems. Never can find the cap. I keep mine handy in a small drawer next to my sewing table. It really worked great to take out embroidery mistakes along with a pin. I try to carefully puck stitches out. I never run the this ripper along the two seams, if I do I seem to always make a hole.

  2. Merlyn Ashby - September 23, 2016

    A quilting friend of mine was using an electric razor for unsewing her seams. I thought it was so much faster than the seam rippers and I have used two of them now. My dog chewed up the first one. You can buy very inexpensive small ones and they last a long time if your dog doesn’t get a hold of them.