Tool Review Tuesday: Design Wall

Tool Review Tuesday!

It’s Tool Review Tuesday! This is where we choose a tool, do some rigorous product testing, and produce a review that gives you the nitty-gritty details needed before you add something to your cart.

Featured Tool: Design Wall by Fons & Porter, Item # 81921

Connecting Threads Special Guest Reviewer: Amy Smart


What is the Design Wall used for?

Temporarily arranging patchwork quilt designs and for showing-off works-in-progress.

What were your initial thoughts upon first glance?

At first I thought it an unnecessary item – I could keep laying out blocks/pieces on my floor. I finally broke down and hung one. Now that I’ve had it for a few years, I think it’s indispensable! SO much neater than trying to lay thing out on the floor.

How did you use it?

I keep it hanging on the wall next to my sewing machine permanently. It’s the best way to play with the layout of a quilt before I sew it together. Not only that, but it’s a pretty place to keep works in progress where I can see them and they brighten up my sewing space.

How did using it go?

Even better than I expected.

How long did it take you to learn how to use it?

No time – the grommets make it easy to hang right away. It’s sturdy and the blocks stay in put until I move them.

What did you like best? Least?

Not only is it functional, but it looks pretty. And it helps me feel more organized. It does collect a lot of threads, so I do need to roll a sticky lint-roller over it from time to time.

Could you see another potential use for the Design Wall?

Staging blocks and pieces for photography. The white provides a nice background and your can get a shot straight-on at eye-level.

Who would appreciate the Design Wall most?

This would be perfectly suited for:

  • Beginner Quilters
  • Intermediate Quilters
  • Expert Quilters
  • Someone acquiring the “basics”

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  1. FS - September 20, 2016

    What type of fabric is the Design Wall made of? This might be a nifty item to have, since I’m not really fond of putting blocks (and my old creaky knees) on the floor anymore. The grommets are a good feature. I guess this beats the old flannel sheet tacked to the wall … 😉

  2. Maargie - September 20, 2016

    Have had mine for several years. Really like it. Used at guild to show “Lotto Blocks” made by members, at classes and for my personal use. AND the fact that I got it on sale at half price sure helped.

  3. Becky Schultz - September 25, 2016

    I have had my F&P design wall for quite some time now. The only draw back I have ever had is that it’s not big enough. I had to pin batting to one edge to extend the width. I love it any way and wouldn’t be caught quilting without it 😀